March 12-13, 2010

Harbor Garden, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel


First Day of DISCON, March 12, 2010.




Awarding of Presidential Citation.




Awarding of clubs with 25, 30, 35 and onwards years of service.


Brazilian/Cocktail Night






Cavite Area performing their winning Brazilian dance presentation.


The winning Cavite Area team.



2nd Day of DISCON, March 13, 2010.


PE Breakfast with RIPR

SDG Ernest introducing DGE Tranquil Salvador.


DGE Tranquil rendering his message.


RIPR Ravi Ravindran addressing the Presidents Elect.


Response to the RI theme by PE Anne Quiza for Manila Area, PE Genevieve for Pasay Area, PE Em Esteban for Cavite Area.


Group pictures of Presidents Elect with RIPR.



For the first time in D3810 DISCON history, the annual celebration of the World Rotaract Week was included to be part of the DISCON 2010.

(Photo courtesy of Rotaract Club of Manila)

RDC at the registration with RDC Officers led by DRR Izel Guatno with RDC Treasurer Ramil Modesto, Past President of Rotaract Club of CEZ handling the registration of Rotaractors for the World Rotaract Week Celebration.


(Photos courtesy of Rotaract Club of Manila)

District Governor Connie Beltran presenting the Certificate of Achievements to the Youth Achievers for RY 2009-2010 with Senior Deputy Governor for Programs Ernest Yuyek from RC Panday Pira and District Rotaract Chair Gabe Trias from RC CEPZ.



Jurlie Taņo-an from P TON Corportion, nominated by RC CEPZ to be one of the RYLA Awardees for RY 2009-2010, receiving the award from DG Connie Beltran and SDG Ernest Yuyek. Jurlie, an Information Technology Specialist is one of the 10 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ 2009.


New members Rtn. Mai Sotto and Rtn. Al Binatac escorted by Pres. Yvonne receiving recognition from the Membership Committe as new Rotarian and first time to attend DISCON.



The Global Presidents' Presentation



The Governor's Ball


Sharing Presidents with PDG Paco and SDG Art.


AS Marni Sy helping Cavite Area SDG Monchet Ocampo to recall the steps of Governor's Ball.


RC CEPZ members souvenir photo.


SDG Cesar Genato introducting the participants of Governor's Ball.


"Paypay de Manila" presentation of Cavite Area


PDGs & EXCOM's Presentation


IPP Roland Paita joiins the fellowship.