AGs & District Team Training Seminar

February 6, 2010

Orchard Golf  & Country Club

Photos Courtesy of RC Metro Dasmariņas


The head table with DGE Tranquil Salvador and

DG Connie Beltran.


DGE Tranquil with his message.


DGNN MAeng Mercado (left) as one of the facilitators.


ISDG Marni Sy on Helping Clubs Set Annual Goals.




PP Roland Paita receives his certificate as one of the Assistant Governors of Cavite Area.


ISDG Marni Sy receiving her certificate from DGE Tranquil as the Senior Deputy Governor for Cavite Area.


PP Gay Luna receives her certificate as the Area Treasurer for Cavite Area.


ISDG Marni Sy and DGNN Maeng at the head table with DGE Tranquil.


DGE Tranquil adjourns the seminar.


ISDG Marni and AT Gay with DGE Tranquil and other District Officers.


Fellowship after the conclusion of the Training Seminar.


Group souvenir photo of all participants.