RY2010-2011 Inaugural Meeting

April 23, 2010 - RC CEPZ conducted its inaugural meeting for RY 2010-2011 at PE Ding Arias' residence attended by new recruits: Ning Dela Cruz, Bobby Alix, Carla Iddings, Mean Dela Cruz, Paulo Brucelas and Larry Valeroso.



Members who attended the inaugural meeting: PP Boyet Castro, PP Gabe Trias, Incoming Club Secretary Mai Sotto, DGNN Maeng Mercado, Service Projects Committee Chair Norma Valeroso, PP Roland Paita, PP Gay Luna, ISDG Marni Sy, Incoming Club Treasurer Tess Doneza and PE Ding Arias.

Dave Paulo "Pao" Brucelas

Maryann "Mean" Dela Cruz

Zelina "Ning" Dela Cruz

Carlita "Carla" Iddings