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Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone
RY 2000-2001
District 3810
Cavite Economic Zone
Rosario, Cavite, Philippines

[RY 1999-2000]


The Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone (CEPZ) started as an informal gathering of zone enterprise executives whose common interest was increased productivity and success of their respective companies in terms of volume of efforts and profits. This group also realized the need for a formal organization to bring zone executives together, if only for social reasons. This need was reinforced by the group's desire to better serve their constituents, the workforce of CEPZ.

As the person mostly in contact with the community, Pol Bautista discussed this situation with his outside group of friends which included PP Munding del Rosario and then DSGR Edwin Fojas, both of RC Tanza. It was these two who planted the seed of the idea to convert this informal group into the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone, and thereafter, actively courted and brought the original members into the world of Rotary. Their enthusiasm and sincerity were left and appreciated by the CEPZ group, who in an organizational meeting in November, 1991. elected its Chapter officers. The pursuit for R.I. recognition followed which was spiced with the controversy when RC Rosario contested RC CEPZ's declared territorial limits, claiming that it already belonged to RC Rosario. This problem was smoothed out through the intercession of then District Governor Johnny Aruego, PP Mike Cardenas, and the recognized mother club of RC CEPZ, RC Tanza.

RC CEPZ was officially chartered fy Rotary International on February 5, 1992, with DG Johnny Aruego handing over the R.I. Membership documents to Charter President Pol Bautista. The formal charter presentation and induction of officers and members was held at the CEPZ function room on March 12, 1992. The RC CEPZ has 30 charter members, most of whom are still active in the Club, except for a few who have moved from the Zone.

As the declared constituents of RC CEPZ, the workers of the Zone, presently numbering 75,000, are principal beneficiaries of most of the Club's projects. The club has institutionalized the annual search for the Most Outstanding Worker of CEPZ, Worker's Christmas Disco and Gift Giving, Annual Medical-Dental Missions, Flores de Mayo, Sports Competitions, Skills Training, and Job Placements. Outside RC CEPZ, the club has formed 2 Interact Clubs at nearby schools. The Club has also Christmas Party and Gift Giving to the street children housed at Bukid Kabataan - Caritas Manila. The Club has also made 2 trips to the Pinatubo area for relief distribution.

Because of the nature of employment of most RC CEPZ members, membership growth has been a continuing struggle for the Club. As of April 30, 1998, active club members number only 50. This is despite agressive membership recruitment of every Club President RC CEPZ had. During all incumbency of all RC CEPZ Presidents, membership growth is a basic program.


HIPOLITO "Pol" BAUTISTA - RY 1992-1993
GERESTE "Resty" JUSTINIANO - RY 1993-1994
ALEXANDER "Alex" CAYABA - RY 1994-1995
AMELIA "Mel" ANGELO - RY 1995-1996
HERMINIANO "Hermie" MONZON - RY 1996-1997
JESUS "Jess" CABEL - RY 1997-1998
RAMIR "Ramir" LALLANA - RY 1998-1999
MOISES "Boyet" G. CASTRO III - RY 1999-2000

Officers & Directors RY 2000-2001
Officers & Directors RY 1999-2000

Directory of Members RY 2000-2001
Directory of Members RY 1999-2000