Membership Retention

While it is important to bring new members into the club, it is just as important to ensure that they remain dedicated and enthusiastic. A high turnover rate in existing clubs is one of the most pressing membership issues facing Rotary today. Closely monitor trends regarding attendance and participation in club activities as such trends can highlight concerns that may need to be addressed. Keeping members apprised of changes and opportunities will ensure that they remain in the club as challenged, motivated, and enthusiastic members. Such members support the effective functioning of the club and are also more likely to attract new members.

Your Responsibilities

Make continuing education of members your priority.

Appoint a powerful Rotary Information Committee chairperson.

Develop a strategy for success using the Rotary Information Committee; Membership Development Committee; and Public Relations Committee.

Ensure that the club board makes member education a priority.

Conduct a club assembly regarding member education.

Include local and international Rotary information in every club meeting.

Effective membership retention strategies include:

Inviting every Rotarian to become personally involved in club projects and activities;

Encouraging club-wide participation in community service and Rotary Foundation programs;

Using surveys to identify what is important to your membership and to ensure that their interests and expectations are being met;

Ensuring that members maintain current knowledge about Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation by conducting a minimum of four club programs per year that address issues related to continuing education;

Conducting multi-club meetings so club members can benefit from sharing experiences with other Rotarians;

Participating in district level meetings and events - particularly those focused on continuing education such as the district assembly, district leadership seminar, and district Rotary Foundation seminar;

Encouraging Rotarians to review items related to continuing education in the Governor's Monthly Letter, Rotary News Basket, THE ROTARIAN, and Rotary World; and

♠ Including membership items in your club bulletin.