Motivating Rotarians

Motivation is essential for effective clubs because members who are motivated are actively involved in club activities; work together to make a club successful in all its aspects; and inspire others through their commitment and enthusiasm.

Your Responsibilities

Identify what motivates club members and seek opportunities to incorporate a variety of motivating factors into club activities.

Outstanding Rotarians recognized during the 12th Induction & Turnover Ceremonies.

Acknowledge the valuable contributions club members make of their time, service, and money. Use the recognition programs available through Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.

What Motivates Rotarians?

People become involved in Rotary for a wide variety of reasons, including these:

♣ Fellowship;

♣ Service;

♣ Networking; and

♣ Recognition from their peers and the community.

Recognizing these motivating factors helps maintain member commitment to Rotary and encourages continued participation in club activities.


Fellowship is one of the main reasons people join Rotary. Although the club may conduct specific fellowship activities, fellowship should be more than an event that occurs once or twice a year. It should be a regular part of every club meeting, project, and activity. Encourage collaboration on a hands-on service project. Organize club outings and other club-wide events.


Participation in local or global service projects can instill a sense of pride and ownership in club activities and service efforts; encourage members to expand service activity by regularly discussing important issues facing the community and the world; and demonstrate that individuals, through cooperation and through Rotary, can improve their communities and the world.


Provide ample opportunity for club members to make contact with other civic-minded individuals, build business opportunities, and share expertise and advice unique to their own professions.


Promote RI and Rotary Foundation awards programs among club members - inform them about awards for which they as individuals or the club are eligible. Promote any special awards that are available from your district. Create unique club awards to recognize members. Present awards and contribution recognition in a meaningful manner.

Club activities that combine these motivating factors are particularly effective.

PDG Rosie Go presenting the Paul Harris Fellow to PP Alex Cayaba during President Chino Rivas term.