Basic Organization Structure

The standard Rotary Club Constitution (Article VIII) requires all clubs to create a Board of Directors which serves as the governing body of the club.  The Board has general control over all officers and committees.

In a typical Rotary club, the board is composed of the following:  the President, Vice President (who may or may not be the President-Elect), Secretary, Treasurer, _____ (number based on club’s bylaws) other directors, and the Immediate Past President.  The club president is elected 18 months in advance of his term.  The other officers and directors are elected 6 months in advance of their terms usually during the month of December every year.

Duties of the Key Officers

      The Club President

1)       Plans and presides over meetings of the club and the board of directors;

2)       Appoints and helps define objectives of club committee chairs and members;

3)       Attends the district conference, district assembly and presidents-elect training seminar;

4)       Cooperates with the district governor in Rotary matters;

5)       Supervises preparation of the club budget, financial reports, committee reports;

6)       Prepares a mid-year and yearend report of club activities and finances;

7)       Confers with the incoming club president and arranges a joint incoming-outgoing board meeting prior to yearend.

      The Vice President

1)       Perform the duties of the president in his absence or incapacity.

2)       Oversee and coordinate the membership-related committees in the club.

      The Secretary

1)       Keep records of membership and attendance at meetings;

2)       Send out notices of meetings and record the minutes of such meetings;

3)       Make the required reports to R.I. Semi-annual Reports : 1 July and 1 January; Pro-rata Reports: 1 October and 1 April

      The Treasurer

1)       Have custody of all funds and account for the same

2)       Prepare required financial reports

3)       Turn over the funds and financial records to the next treasurer

      Sergeant at Arms

1)       Establishes a warm climate for fellowship and friendship in the club;

2)       Helps develop appropriate procedures for Rotary protocol.


1)        Reviews all financial records on a semester basis.

2)        Submits an internal audit report to the club.

      Public Relations Officer

1)       Publicizes the activities of the club periodically.

2)       Promotes networking and linkages with other civic groups, NGOs, government institutions, commerce and industry and the general public.