Don’t Recognize Potential Rotarians?

      “Well, it’s not as though potential Rotarians look different!”

            But, you see, they are different! Oh, their outer appearance is no different than ours—they wear the same clothing, have the same facial expressions, pretty much walk and weigh the same; mostly speak alike, both in language and in accent; have the same confident gaze. 

“Well, what’s different about them, then? How can I recognize one when I see one?” Here’s what to look for:

1. Look for a concern for the community.

2. Look for someone more interested in the future than in the past.

3. Look for someone who has more time and energy than is currently useful.

4. Look for someone who has values coincident with our own.

People join Rotary for many reasons, but the strongest is that they want to be Rotarians. They want the virtues associated with our organization, and for that reason they accept our rules and internal values. External values, community spirit, desire to “give back,” etc. are also vital. But they can do that in anywhere.

How do you recognize potential Rotarians? Look in the mirror, then go out and find your twin.