A Rotary club is an organization of business and professional leaders within a defined community. Its purpose is fellowship and service. It has a president and a board of directors who are elected annually. Club members are adults of good character and reputation who are, or were prior to retirement, proprietors, partners, corporate officers, managers, executives, or leaders of a business or profession.

A Rotary district is a geographical territory in which Rotary clubs are associated for Rotary International administrative purposes. Each district is headed by a district governor, an officer of Rotary International, whose job is to assist clubs in the district. District governors are nominated by their districts, usually at the district conference, and elected for one-year terms at the RI Convention. The district conference is an annual meeting of Rotarians of the district which furthers fellowship and discussion of the affairs of clubs and Rotary International generally.

Rotary International is an association of Rotary clubs throughout the world. It is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of the President and President-elect of Rotary International and 17 other directors from around the world. Directors serve two-year terms and are elected at the Rotary International Convention. The convention, which is held annually in a major city, affords Rotarians the opportunity to deal with the associationís business while expanding international fellowship and Rotary knowledge.

The Council on Legislation, the legislative body of Rotary International, meets every three years in a different part of the world. The clubs in each district elect a Rotarian to represent them at each council. Among the changes delegates have adopted: in 1995 the council opened past service membership to retired persons, and in 1998, the council allowed Rotarians to receive attendance credit for attending Club Service projects.

The World Headquarters of Rotary International is located in Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A., a suburb of Chicago. It has an international staff, headed by the General Secretary. Service centers also are located in Parramatta, Australia; S„o Paulo, Brazil; Delhi, India; Tokyo, Japan; ZŁrich, Switzerland; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Seoul, Korea; and Manila, Philippines.