(Special Training For Action In Rotary)

The STAR Program was developed by the Rotary Club of El Paso, Texas, USA, in 1976. It has proven to be a very effective tool for creating a better informed membership and preparing members for club leadership positions. Clubs are encouraged to adopt similar programs to promote a more involved and knowledgeable membership.

Because there is a complete annual turnover of new members, the program can be repeated every year. In addition to serving as a vehicle for Rotary information, the STAR breakfasts help new members get acquainted with each other and at least a few of the club’s more experienced Rotarians. The friendly and informal atmosphere created by small group meetings leads to more questions and good discussions. In a large club, this can be a very helpful tool for promoting fellowship.

The following STAR guidelines can be adapted for use by your club:


Retaining good members is as critical to Rotary’s long-term health as is the induction of new members. Your recruitment efforts will be more effective if your club has a large number of experienced and informed Rotarians in its ranks.

Research has shown that a positive program of continuing education can help to increase a club’s overall retention rate. Such a program would include some of the following components: