Fellowship with people of like ideals;

Proposing new members of your club;

Meaningful service to your community and your vocation;

Unique opportunities to promote international friendship;

Broad acquaintance with leaders of other businesses and professions;

Participation in stimulating programs at weekly meetings;

Development of leadership skills while serving on committees;

Meeting Rotarians when making up attendance at other Rotary clubs, both locally and around the globe; and

Participation in the district conference and the Rotary International Convention.

Every privilege has a corresponding responsibility. For example, proposing new members is both a privilege and a responsibility. In the same way, attendance at weekly meetings is both an opportunity to expand Rotary acquaintance and knowledge and an obligation.

Rotarians have their membership terminated automatically if they are absent four consecutive times without making up attendance or attend less than 60 percent of the meetings during either six-month period of the club’s fiscal year without being excused by the board.