Ronilo "Nilo" Nepomuceno
Centennial President
RY 2004-2005

President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

Congratulations to AG Maeng Mercado for the approval and the release of fund of our Matching Grant with the Rotary Club of Tsuchiura South (District 2820-Japan). This Matching Grant shall fund our MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) Immunization Project wherein the target beneficiaries are the 452 children of the factory workers of Cavite Economic Zone. The project was launched last week by installing an information billboard near the CEZ Administration Building. According to AG Maeng, the immunization shall be administered to the first batch of beneficiaries on February 23, 2005 in line with the celebration of the 100 years of Rotary. Thank you very much AG Maeng for this wonderful project.

The Matching Grant is one of the programs funded by The Rotary Foundation. A Rotary Club (usually from a third world country) with a minimum contribution to TRF of $1,000 shall seek for another Rotary Club (normally from a developed country) to match its contribution. The contributions of the two Rotary Clubs shall then be matched by TRF and/or the District of the Club receiving the grant through the District Designated Fund of the District Governor. Well, it is my basic and very limited knowledge regarding Matching Grant; if you want to know more, please read the article about Matching Grant in this issue. In relation to this, District 3810 was visited last week by Ms. Colette Wilde; she is the TRF Program Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Region including Australia. She visited several Clubs in the District to oversee the implementation of the different projects under the grant, and one of her designated hosts and guides was our energetic IPP Gabe Trias.

For RY 2004-2005, RC CEPZ has contributed $7,000 to The Rotary Foundation; I believe this is the highest so far in the history of our Club. And with this, we belong to the Top Ten contributors to TRF in our District both absolute and per capita. Again, I would like to congratulate and extend my deepest appreciation to AG Maeng, our hardworking TRF Chairman who made all these things possible. As we are nearing the 100 years of Rotary, one of the best ways to celebrate is by contributing to TRF; let us CELEBRATE ROTARY!


RY 2004-2005