The Matching Grant Process

The following information shows the steps involved in the Matching Grant process. Generally, complete applications take about 15 weeks to be processed. Submitting complete applications and all other requested information will expedite the processing of your request.

Phase I

·          Identify and design project

Phase II

·          Submit complete Matching Grant Application

·          Receipt of application acknowledged by Foundation

·          Application reviewed by Matching Grant staff to double-check for completeness and eligibility

Phase III

·          Application forwarded to Rotary Foundation Trustees for their review and decision

Phase IV

·          Trustee decision forwarded to Rotarian cosponsors. If the grant is approved, the primary project contacts listed in the application will receive an “announcement letter” which gives instructions on the cosponsors’ next steps in the payment process. Once all the necessary forms, contributions, and payee information is received, grant payment is made. If the request was not approved, the cosponsors will also be informed.

Phase V

·          Grant funds released

·          Project implemented

·          Interim Reports submitted every six months for the duration of the project until it is Completed

·          Final Report submitted no later than two months after the project’s completion

·          Receipt of Final Report acknowledged by Matching Grant staff

·          Matching Grant file is closed