The WCS Projects Exchange

The WCS Projects Exchange is a “help wanted” database, where Rotary clubs seeking assistance from other Rotary clubs can publicize their community service initiatives. Although project support is not guaranteed, the WCS Projects Exchange serves as a powerful tool for clubs. The database is updated monthly in English and available on the RI Web site at


The WCS Projects Exchange features a short description of Rotary club projects and lists project coordinators so that potential donors can contact the local Rotary club for more information. Rotarians who would like to support a project can currently select from over 450 endeavors in upwards of 40 countries.

The WCS Projects Exchange database also catalogs items requested by Rotary clubs. That way, if Rotarians locate goods that may be useful for a project — schoolbooks, an x-ray machine, or a fire engine, to name a few examples — they can call RI World Headquarters, where staff can pinpoint specific Rotary club projects that need the goods.

Registering Projects

A Rotary club with a project that needs assistance registers it with the WCS Projects Exchange by filling out a WCS Project Data Form (784-EN) and sending it to RI World Headquarters or the RI service center in the club’s area.

A project is registered on the WCS Projects Exchange for two years. The sponsoring club may replace the project with another before the two years have passed or withdraw it for any other reason, such as project completion.

A project may be re-registered after the two-year period has ended by completing and submitting a new Project Data Form.

Donor Beware

Rotary International does not endorse any of the projects in the WCS Projects Exchange (nor any specific Rotary club project). Donors should always check with the local Rotary club to ascertain the current project needs.

Although many WCS Projects Exchange projects do receive grants from The Rotary Foundation, the projects in the WCS Projects Exchange are not pre-approved for these grants. There are separate eligibility criteria and a separate application process.