Ronilo "Nilo" Nepomuceno
Centennial President
RY 2004-2005

President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

Our attendance in last week’s meeting was overwhelming, with 20 Rotarians and 4 guests. I hope we can continue this and keep our enthusiasm in rotary service. But what surprised me more was the presence of some “revived” and old (?) Rotarians, it is indeed a manifestation of what we believe that once a Rotarian will always be a Rotarian. Welcome back guys!

The week is not complete without our Feeding Program at Tejeros Convention Elementary School, so last Friday, July 16, 2004, was our second week of feeding almost 200 malnourished students. Let me again acknowledge the presence and support of the following: IPP Gabe Trias, PP Jess Cabel, PP Boyet Castro, Treas. Ony Ferrer, Rtn. Delfin Abarro, Rtn. Joan Corcuera, Rtn. Connie Gonzaga, Baby Rtn. Myla Sayoc, my former and present boss Rtn. Ray Nagrampa and Rtn. Dante Quindoza, Rotaract Pres. Grace Labrador, and the chair of this project, Dir. Amy Llave. I would like to thank also the presence of our two regular benefactors, Engr. Ed Evangelista and Ms. Anita Uy who are both owners of big construction companies. The purpose of their visit was not only to witness our feeding program but also to inspect an unfinished building inside the school. Mrs. Editha Atendido, the principal, had requested our assistance for the possible completion of the building, which is intended to be the school library. And I am glad to announce that our benefactors had agreed to help us in the project with our very own Rtn. Delfin Abarro who is also a contractor. Our sincerest gratitude in advance.

By the way, last Friday, July 16, 2004, was not only the second week of the feeding program, there was more to celebrate because it was the birthday of IPP Gabe Trias. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE! Three Cheers!!! For your good health and prosperity.


Rotary Year 2004-2005