DG Memo No. 59

Reminder on Violations of a Candidate for Elective Offices

October 4, 2004

By district Governor Joel Tinitigan


The RI-prescribed Dos and Don'ts prescribes:

1.      "Do not undertake personal initiatives to gain visibility".

2.      "Do not communicate with or visit clubs involved in the applicable election except to fulfill necessary functions."

3.      “The periods of candidacy for elective office begin when individual Rotarians begin to give serious consideration to submitting their names for a position covered by the RI rules for nominations and elections.  Commencing at that time, candidates should be particularly careful to avoid any actions designed to publicize their names or achievements, to call attention to the applicable nominations or elections, or to give candidates an unfair advantage over other candidates for the same position.

4.      The normal performance of duly-assigned Rotary activities would not be considered to be a violation of the policies related to campaigning, canvassing or electioneering.”


Considering that the district has already been informed as to who are those making themselves available for the position of Governor after their names have already been submitted by their respective clubs, it would therefore be a violation of this provision if a candidate, attends club meetings other than his own under the guise of make-up attendance especially if he/she has no absence to make up.