Raymundo "Ray" T. Nagrampa
RY 2005-2006

President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

I am sure without fear of contradiction that Rotary Club of West Icheon have learned a lot from our Club on the rationale behind our various projects and in the way we implement the same.  This was evident from the way their spiritual leader, LEE SANG BOK, was formulating his questions about these projects. Unless of course he was feigning innocence which, from all indication, is not his character.

For example, he was in full accord with the Philippines & Korea Friendship Forest as well as the Weekly Feeding Program.   He was also fascinated by the footprints taking and Rotary walk, things which prompted him to ask: whose ideas are these? I answered, “These are the collective minds and efforts of our members.”

They may have the resources more than what we have but we were never lacking of ideas that matters! Wala ka na ngang sapat na resources, wala ka pa ring diskarte,  maiiwan ka na.  SDG Maeng and AG Gabe’s joint effort to come up with a Matching Grant with our Korean friends is a step towards that direction.

Let us see what happens to our Match Club Agreement signed with RC IRIGA last August 15th. My son, Rotarian Ryan called up to inform that he is doing a write-up of the said signing ceremonies in their own Club Bulletin, the BATINGAW.

And so, may I just say thank you Amy for sponsoring the August 12 feeding program. I understand Rtn. Cyril and his Anne Yoly is next in line this coming Friday. May I again invite our fellow Rotarians to the feeding program on Friday. Thank you Cyril and Yoly for your sponsorship.


Rotary Year 2005-2006