Raymundo "Ray" T. Nagrampa
RY 2005-2006

President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

I know everybody had a sigh of relief after the Induction and later, our Korean friends entered the lobby of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Tuesday morning last week!

After all, it was no easy job preparing for the Induction at the same time attending to our guests for six (6) days!  But that our Korean friends were profuse in saying Kamsa hamnida to us at the Island Cove after the breakfast, before boarding Cyril’s EVEREST, Lorie’s STAREX and my own CROSSWIND, and finally before entering the NAIA, should be a gauge on how we fared in entertaining them here! I guess, PP Jess would not have any guilt feeling we may not have fully reciprocated their hospitality last June. After all, they had two (2) days of golf, etc, (ETC)… and your President drove for them here!

In reiteration to the text messages I sent you the morning following our INDUCTION and HANDOVER CEREMONIES, allow me to re-state my heartfelt gratitude for your solid support and cooperation to my Presidency. Like what I said during my acceptance speech, please continue walking beside me. The best is yet to come in Rotary, RC CEPZ in particular.

Without you, we would not have earned the accolade of DDS ADY OCAVA and DDG TESS MATRIANO which both saw print on the internet. But while a congratulatory message from non-Club member is worth a diamond, one coming from a member, especially a NEW MEMBER, is equally  worthy of appreciation.  I am of course referring to the text reply of new member JOJO PENUS who reiterated his trust and confidence to the undersigned’s leadership but more importantly, COMMITTED his ALL-OUT support. Thank you Jojo, yan ang hinihintay ko sayo!

Last Saturday, AG Gabe escorted ten (10) officers of our INTERACT CLUB OF ILAMS to the DISTRICT INTERACT ASSEMBLY held at TUP, Manila sponsored by RC PASAY CENTRAL.  He advanced the registration and related expenses of these kids and has to fend for themselves in going home. Accordingly the Tamaraw FX of Dir. Norma could not take them back to Cavite due to unavoidable circumstances. Thank you Gabe and Norma for your efforts.

May I again invite our fellow Rotarians to the feeding program on Friday. Thank you IPP Nepo for your sponsorship. Who is next after IPP Nepo, Amy? Kung wala, remind mo lang si Dir. Dante, naghihintay lang  siya!!


Rotary Year 2005-2006