Raymundo "Ray" T. Nagrampa
RY 2005-2006

President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

I gave DGN Paco Atayde PP Jess Cabel’s article, THE KOREAN EXPERIENCE, SIGHTS & INSIGHTS for purposes of publication in the Philippine Rotary Magazine. That was last Saturday, August 27, 2005 during the Joint Induction and Handover Ceremonies of RC Imus and RC Hiyas ng Imus at the Island Cove Resort. The first time I gave a hard copy to DGN Paco, he advised me to put the article in CD form for facility in publication. Finally, I handed over to him a hard copy as well as a CD copy of the same article complete with three (3) photographs of our Club’s Korean visit.

Is this the first time our Club is contributing an article to the PRM? If so, then PP Jess broke the ice and should be a good hint for others to follow. How about an article on the importance and mutuality of a Sister Club Agreement, with emphasis on the benefit the participating Clubs will derive there from? It would be a good sequel to the well crafted article of PP Jess. Anyone?

Another Club member worthy of mention in this message is Marni Sy, the Most Outstanding Rotarian Awardee during our 14th Induction & Handover Ceremonies. I guess we need to brief our members more of the RI Awards and Recognition Programs. It will serve as a guide and inspiration for all aspiring awardees. That way, we can produce more Marni Sy in our midst.

By the way, I did not agree to co-host the 2nd Leg of the District Governor’s Cup slated on September 27, 2005 at the Riviera in Silang, Cavite. I told them we will be having our second Golf Fellowship of our own this October or November. However, I pledged to share in the seed money which can be like P7,000.00.

The Alay Lakad is scheduled September 4. As agreed, we will assemble at Bacao Restaurant 4:00 in the morning and proceed to PICC on a convoy basis. We will distribute the T-shirts by then.

Finally, thank you IPP Nilo (Nepo ko siya kabisadong tawagin) Nepomuceno for sponsoring the 8th week of our Feeding Program.

Who’s next, PE Amy?


Rotary Year 2005-2006