July 5, 2005  | Vol. 1 Issue No. 1



President's Message

President Ray Nagrampa's message for the week.

CEZ Silver Anniversary Golf Fellowship
Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club, Gen. Trias, Cavite

May 13, 2005

Sung Hyuck Choi wins the CEZ Silver Anniversary Golf  Fellowship  intended to raise funds for Rotary Year 2005-2006.

Planning Session
Royale Tagaytay Country Club, Gen. Trias, Cavite
June 4, 2005

Rotary Club of Cavite EPZ plans for Rotary Year 2005-2006.

Sisterclub Agreement with RC W. Icheon, D3600-Korea
West Icheon, South Korea
June 25, 2005

President Nagrampa flies to West Icheon, South Korea with 9 other RC CEPZ members to sign a Sisterhood Agreement with RC W. Icheon.

Everland Tour
June 24, 2005

RC W. Icheon hosts a tour of The Everland - South Korea's version of Disneyland. The group tried some wild rides, watched the spectacular Summer Splash Parade, the African Safari and a Sea Lion show to name a few.

Mok-A Museum Tour
June 25, 2005

A tour of the Mok-A Museum which was built to hand down and develop traditional wooden sculpture.

Tour of King Sejong's Tomb
June 25, 2005

A tour of the Tomb of King Sejong, widely regarded as the most enlightened king in Korean history, best known for his initiative to create Hangeul, the Korean alphabet (Hunmin jeongeum), a detailed record and explanation of the creation and use of the alphabet

Pistahan sa CEZ Santacruzan
Cavite Economic Zone
May 27, 2005

RC CEPZ conducts the annual santacruzan - a silver anniversary celebration.

2005 Reyna ng Pistahan
Cavite Economic Zone
May 27, 2005

Ms. Michelle Soriano from Clarion Mfg. Corporation wins the 2005 Reyna ng Pistahan celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cavite Economic Zone.