12th Induction
& Turnover Ceremonies

(Club Committee Manual)

Developing an effective team is one of the most important responsibilities of a club committee chair. As the leader of a club committee, you will be responsible for ensuring the committee functions effectively in order to achieve committee and club goals.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Recruit members who have the skills, knowledge, experience, or desire to do the best job.

  • Provide appropriate instruction and orientation.

  • Plan and conduct productive meetings.

  • Hold members accountable for the tasks they have accepted.

  • Inform the club president and board of directors of progress.

  • Recognize those who have served well.

Effective committees share the following characteristics:

  • Clearly defined purpose

  • Well-formulated goals

  • Step-by-step plan of action

  • Open lines of communication among team members and other club leaders

  • Knowledgeable and motivated team members

Determining a Committee’s Purpose

Committee members must have a clear understanding of the committee’s purpose in order to effectively establish and achieve goals. To identify a committee’s purpose:

  • Review the club’s bylaws, which should contain information related to each club committee, including the committee’s general purpose.

  • Review the club’s goals for the coming year, to help the committee establish goals that support the club’s main goals for the year.

  • Meet with the club’s board and the president, to foster discussion about the relationship between club goals and the committee’s purpose, as well as the committee’s role in achieving these goals.



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