Selecting and Preparing...

Preparing and Motivating Your Team

As a committee chair, you will help committee members prepare by

  • Supplying newer members with background information on the committee and its activities

  • Providing members with a list of district activities and meetings

  • Encouraging networking with counterparts in other clubs (use the district directory)

  • Pairing new members with more experienced members

  • Knowing the resources available to your team

Committee members must also be motivated to achieve success. The following steps will help ensure committee members are engaged and enthusiastically support committee activities:

  • Create a sense of ownership by involving committee members in the planning process.

  • Regularly acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments.

  • Show you value their input by asking for and incorporating their suggestions.

  • Provide them with challenging tasks.

  • Explain how their duties and tasks contribute to larger club, district, and Rotary International goals.

Establishing and Achieving Goals

Effective clubs set goals and identify the strategies necessary to achieve them. As a club committee chair, you will work with the club president and other club leaders to ensure that the committee’s goals support club goals.

Characteristics of an Effective Goal

Setting committee goals that are consistent with club goals and are meaningful to the committee should be a top priority as you prepare for your term as a committee chair. It is important that the goals set by the committee are

  • Shared. Members who participate in setting a goal and formulating the strategies to meet it will be committed to achieving it.

  • Measurable. A measurable goal can be stated in quantifiable terms and can therefore be objectively evaluated.



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