Selecting and Preparing...

  • Challenging. Challenging goals require effort, teamwork, vision, planning, and follow-through by you and your committee members. The interest and enthusiasm of committee members will suffer if the goals you set are not challenging enough.

  • Achievable. Achievable goals are realistic ones, based on the resources — both material and volunteer time — that you have or expect to have available within the time frame you have established for realizing the goal. Overly ambitious goals can lead to frustration.

  • Time specific. A timeline with specific deadlines will keep the committee’s progress on track.

Establishing Achievable Goals

Your committee will establish a variety of goals related to its purpose. To ensure that the goals established accurately reflect committee capabilities and club interests:

  • Compare goals to previous goals that have been achieved by the committee and the club.

  • Consult with club leaders and other experienced club members.

  • Seek the insights of appropriate district leaders.

Using the Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs

The Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs is a practical goal-setting tool that helps the club president work with club leaders to establish goals related to the key areas of club effectiveness. The planning guide also suggests common ways that clubs can choose to pursue their goals. You will have an opportunity to work on the planning guide with your club president and other club leaders during the district assembly.

The Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs can be used throughout the year to help measure progress toward established goals. It will be periodically reviewed by the club president and also by the assistant governor or district governor throughout the year, during club visits.

Developing a Plan of Action

Establishing goals is the first step that a committee chair should take to ensure that the committee will be effective and successful during the coming year. An action plan provides the bridge between the vision stated in a goal and the practical achievement of that goal. Action plans provide the following benefits that support achievement of club goals:



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