Selecting and Preparing...

The process of creating an action plan for the committee generates commitment among members and stimulates club interest in committee and club activities.

  • Well-organized plans motivate team members to increase their participation in committee activities and discussions.

  • Strategies devised to meet goals provide committees with a means to measure progress and establish effective practices for the club.

Planning Steps

Committee chairs must also work with club leaders and committee members to ensure steady progress is being made toward achievement of goals as envisioned. The following steps can help club committee chairs motivate committee members to work together to achieve a goal:

  • Outline specific actions that need to achieve this goal.

  • Establish a time frame for each strategy.

  • Determine who is responsible for implementing each step.

  • Establish the criteria for measuring your progress and success.

  • Consider the resources and tools that can help you to achieve your goal.

  • Evaluate the success of your strategy to better achieve subsequent goals.

Importance of Communication

A committee cannot act effectively in isolation. Its operations and decisions must be based on the communicated needs of the club. Similarly, members of a committee must communicate with each other to ensure smooth working relationships and avoid miscommunication or duplication of effort. Committee chairs should regularly share the committee’s progress toward its goals with all club members.

It is especially important to keep the club president and board informed regarding the activities of the committee.

  • Share action plans including the name of members to whom specific responsibilities have been assigned.

  • Provide regular updates regarding progress made toward the team’s objectives.

  • Seek advice and feedback to improve the work of the team and help overcome challenges and difficulties.



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