Raymundo "Ray" T. Nagrampa
RY 2005-2006

President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

Last Tuesday, September 6th, we had the signing ceremonies of the Sister Club Agreement with our newest sister club, the ROTARY CLUB OF PARAñAQUE-SUCAT. This brings to three (3) the total number of our sister clubs!

It all started with a simple request by RC  PARAñAQUE-SUCAT to Zone Administrator and Rotarian DANTE M. QUINDOZA for used industrial drums. They intent to convert these drums as garbage bins and donate these to schools and churches in Parañaque as part of their community cleanliness project. The good Zone Administrator suggested to them to course their request thru our Club as it is also one of our community service projects.

From the regular meeting of our Club that their Charter President Nonong Palarica, Dir. Jon Garay and Dir. Alex Balili attended last August 30th came the aide of a sister club agreement between the two (2) clubs. And finally, the sister club agreement was inked the following Tuesday.

This is Rotary movement! Fast and devoid of funfair. Not much talk but action. As I said during the President’s time in our Joint Meeting with them; when two Congressmen meet and debate about the truth, they can consume one afternoon, down the whole evening and end early afternoon the following day but still could not agree on which the truth is. But when two Rotarians meet and talk about service, all you need is 50 drums to make them agree on a joint community service project.

Let’s congratulate RC Parañaque-Sucat and our own Club for these efforts!

Another good news we are happy to report is the organizational meeting of the Rotaract Club of CEZ last Saturday, September 9, 2005 at the Bacao Restaurant. Dir. Norma Valeroso, assisted by AG Gabe Trias was on top of the event. Sabi ko na sa inyo! Given the time and the motivation, Norma is a performer. I already know that even when we were still with the Zone. Keep up the good work Nor. Larry, after all, is your No. 1 fan and supporter!

A guy I met for the first time but impressed me as a leader was selected UNANIMOUSLY as the President of the Rotaract Club of CEZ. His name is KENNETH PUNONGBAYAN. I wonder if he is related to my tokayo and idol, the late RAYMUNDO PUNONGBAYAN of PHILVOCS! Puede ngang Punongbayan, Punong Rotaract Club pa kaya ang di kakayanin. How about that Kenneth!?

I guess everybody can now look with optimism the future of this group as our Rotaract. I enjoin everybody to give them our support. As I told them in their meeting, “We will be behind you but you need to chart your own plans and programs as a group. We will give you a free hand. That’s how we can do to develop you as leader and future Rotarians.”

The Feeding Program on its 10th week was on Friday, from 2:00 p.m. onwards. This is the 2nd week of RC W. Icheon sponsored portion of the Feeding Project. I guess, except for the President, we need to designate groups for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week edition of the feeding every month. This is to proportionately allocate the opportunity as well as the joy of being able to serve with a smile of the even grateful faces of the undernourished pupils of the Bacao Elementary School.


Rotary Year 2005-2006