August 1, 2006 | Volume 5  No. 1





Soup Kitchen Feeding Program #4
PP Boyet Castro sponsors Soup Kitchen Feeding Program #4


RC West I-Cheon (D3600-Korea) PP Choi Byung Ho Donates To RC CEPZ Feeding Program
PP Choi Byung Ho visits RC CEPZ and donates to Soup Kitchen Feeding Program.


Membership Development
Membership development is comprised of three components: recruitment of new members, retention of existing members, and the organization of new clubs.


Why Join Rotary?
Ten reasons why you would join a Rotary Club.


A weekly publication of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone

Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite, Philippines

Published by RCCEPZ

Phone: 046-438-3786 ¨ Cell: 0917-551-3160

e-Mail: info@rccepz.org

Editor – Star President Gabriel “Gabe” Trias, Jr.

Nothing in this journal may be reprinted in whole or in part by any means, without the express permission of the publisher. Contributors: Photographic submissions must be 5x7 or 8x10 black & white or colored preferably in electronic format. Please mark each photo with owner’s name and address. Manuscripts should be typewritten. Unless special arrangements are made in advance, all published material becomes the sole property of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone. Last day of submission is on Friday. Contributions submitted after Friday will be considered for the next issue.



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