AUGUST: Membership Extension Month

Membership development is comprised of three components: recruitment of new members, retention of existing members, and the organization of new clubs (extension). To attract more qualified persons to accept membership in clubs and reduce losses in club membership, clubs should make full and purposeful use of the existing provisions for internal extension; maintain and enhance the services to their communities; and take action which will effectively involve and hold the interest of individual members.

The following are considered major factors in achieving positive growth in membership:

  1. pre-eminently, strong sustained presidential encouragement and support;

  2. a well-designed program for new members that includes orientation, induction and, most important, assimilation into or involvement in club activities;

  3. suitable competition among and recognition for sponsors of new members;

  4. retention of existing members with suitable recognition of growing clubs and growth within districts by the president and governors each year;

  5. reasonable costs of membership; and adequate and attractive publicity for Rotary that stresses both Rotary’s service to the community and the benefits of Rotary club membership to Rotarians and their families.

As a means of attracting additional qualified persons to accept membership in Rotary clubs and of reducing losses in membership, clubs should:

  1. make full and purposeful use of the existing provisions for membership growth;



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