plans to build and strengthen club membership to serve more effectively in all areas of activity.

Clubs should conduct frequent surveys of worthwhile services in the community which should be represented in the club, and develop in conjunction therewith a permanent and current record of classifications. Surveys act as a basis for developing and aggressively undertaking specific, continuing plans for building and strengthening club membership in order to serve more effectively in all areas of activity.

It is important that each club establish and maintain a membership growth pattern which will result in an appropriate net growth in the number of members. Each club should have a positive attitude toward membership growth, recognizing that an increase in membership should not decrease the quality of membership in the club. Membership growth should always be the result of a club electing fully qualified members who can be expected to contribute to the furtherance of the program of Rotary.

Inherent in the purpose of Rotary is the acceptance by individuals of their responsibility for the personal application of the ideal of service. It is important that individual Rotarians recognize that this responsibility includes an obligation on their parts to share Rotary with others and to help extend Rotary through proposing qualified persons for membership.

Each club is encouraged to adhere to the classification and membership principles of Rotary to correct, as opportunities permit, any irregular classification or membership that may exist in the club. Each club is further encouraged to discover ways and means of strengthening the club through projects which attract new members and which help current members become better Rotarians.



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