Prohibition of Mandatory Contributions to The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation was developed on the basis of voluntary contributions. Reference to contributions to the Foundation as a condition of membership, or any reference implying such condition of membership, shall not appear on the membership application card. Any club bylaw that makes contributions to the Foundation a condition of membership is prohibited. Any reference to such contributions on membership identification cards is not authorized.

Attracting New Members to Rotary Through Public Relations

Public relations is important in attracting new members to Rotary and in retaining present members. Effective public relations should be emphasized to Rotary clubs and, in particular, to club membership development committees.

Rotary clubs should:

  1. utilize public relations to increase the appeal of Rotary to the growing number of young persons who are occupying positions of responsibility in businesses and professions;

  2. publicize appropriate weekly club programs that demonstrate the Object of Rotary;

  3. adopt more sharply focused activities that will have a greater public relations impact.

Prospective Membersí Attendance at Club Meetings

Clubs should invite a prospective member to several regular meetings before the prospective member is asked to sign an application card. 

Induction of New Members

Clubs are encouraged to hold a ceremony of induction for new members. It is recommended that each club develop its own procedures for a dignified and meaningful induction ceremony since there is no standard or uniform induction program.



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