Officers & Directors
RY 2006-2007


Baby Amor “Amy” Reyes-Llave



Loreto “Lorie” Ibarreta


Roland Paita


Marni “Marni” Sy


Estella Santor


Benedicto "Dick" Maza



Norma Valeroso

Director, Club Service A


Rowena "Weng" Posadas

Director, Club Service B


Joseph "JV" Javier

Director, Community Service


Domingo "Dong" Lee

Director, Vocational Service


Loreto “Lorie” Ibarreta

Director, International Service


Joel Lopez

Director, Youth Service


Raymundo "Ray" Nagrampa
IPP / Ex Oficio Director



PP Ismael “Maeng” Mercado

Rotary Foundation


PP Gabriel "Gabe" Trias, Jr.
Membership Development


PP Moises “Boyet” Castro III

Internal Affairs


PP Jesus "Jess" Cabel

External Affairs



President's Message

Dear fellow Rotarians,

Last August 2, 2006, the program committee composed of PP Maeng, PP Gabe, Treasurer Marni and your President had a final meeting at my residence regarding our 15th Handover & Induction Ceremonies.  Let me thank you in advance for working hard to make this affair well organized.

The big night for our club for this Rotary Year 2006-2007 happened last August 4, 2006 at CEZIA Club House. The Governor’s Visit started at 5:00 p.m.. My one-on-one meeting with Governor Lyne Abanilla came first followed by the meeting with our club officers for the presentation of our planned resources and programs to Gov. Lyne, COS Rob Lane, SDG Czar Genato, Executive Assistant to the Governor Linda Josol and PDG Alex Huang. Everything went smoothly.

Arrival of members of RC West I-Cheon, Korea led by President Han Hyun Ki,  Director of Community Service Shim Ja Ki, Director of Club Service Kwak Hee Chul and International Service Director Cho Kyung Soon, also on August 4, 2006, graced our 15th Handover & Induction Ceremonies. The signing of a Match Club Agreement between RC CEPZ and RC West I-Cheon were also held during the affair.

I am proud of our first big affair, solemn but a happy party, everybody was listening to every part of the program. The food was unforgettable, the program was brief but concise. We finished on time at 10:00 pm, so we had time for fellowship. Gov. Lyne loved the music that serenaded us (thanks to my spouse, Aldwin, for his effort to provide us with warm music). The master of ceremony, PP Alex Cayaba, you are a very good host. Thank you Rtn. Onie for an overwhelming introduction of me, I know that you only prepared for it an hour before the affair started. Again, Treasurer Marni and PP Gabe, my heartful thanks for the support. For all the members of RC CEPZ, we have the strength of a family; you are all making my life easy with Rotary. Thank you all for your cooperation and commitment to stick thru thick and thin. This for me is an unforgettable ceremony which I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Rotary Year 2006-2007



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