Ladies and gentlemen, a commitment to serve across human endeavour large and small,  professionals and businessmen and throughout human history, a great leader have always put into practice “service above self” their priority is for the good of the organization above personal goal.  And the vision of success as reflected glory measured in the accomplishments of its members.  I will be a good President if  I have the ability to see where the club needs to go and articulate that direction in any way that inspire our people and community. That  vision needs to be a meaningful value or it will not inspire no one. I believed positively in the cause and value of our club, I will appreciate each and every ideas and concerns.

Fellow Rotarians and friends, there is indeed much more in this occasion which we believed is a part of the continuing process to improve the image of our club and place it in such a position in the fulfilment of its purpose and objectives. We have drawn our vital planning resources and programs in advance under the four avenues of service for the Rotary Year 2006-2007. To the guidance and direction of our club under the able directorship of action oriented Rotarians, may I please request Rtn. Norma Valeroso and Rtn. Weng Posadas, Chairpersons of the Club Service Committee, to please rise and be recognized; Rtn. JV Javier, Director for Community Service, Rtn. Joel Lopez, Director for Youth Service, Rtn. Dong Lee, Director for Vocational Service and Rtn. Dick Maza, International Service Director. Those programs have been presented to the District 3810 Area Team Leaders for further review and presented during the District Governor's Visit.  I am confident that our success will depend on the extent that these plans and programs are translated into positive result.

The most wonderful things about Rotary is what happens when we all work together on just one year and Lead the Way to a better future. I love Rotary, Service Above Self, He profits most serves best.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and here comes another great Rotary Year.





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