Pres. Chino Rivas’ Inaugural Address

11th Induction & Turnover Ceremonies
Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone
August 17, 2002
Casino Filipino Tagaytay


          It’s been 12 long years since this organization has stood up with the foundation of love and gratitude. 12 Long years, yet it seems so short. 12 long years of different experiences, encounters and events which have flown so fast.


          In behalf of Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone, I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Tanza, our mother club who have guided us through these years, particularly Dr. Bert Arayata, Mr. Tony Sales.


          From those years, we have been strong and flexible in maintaining this organization through many circumstances. Sometimes we wonder, why we had to go through these 12  years of our lives – why we had to go through these years full of changes, uncertainties and challenges, yet full of joy and sweet memories, and in the end let go and settle down…why?


          The answer ladies and gentlemen lies inside our hearts… it is because God has a big plan for us, each and every one of us. Because all of these things that we have gone through are all small parts of a greater plan that God has prepared for us. Now we can say that God put us through these 12 years to sow deep in our hearts and the hearts of our fellowmen the seeds of his love and scatter it for all to see and feel. God has planted this seed inside our hearts for he knew that this seeds would blossom as soon as the earth is filled with joy and happiness.


          I am now in front of you.  I am now the President of this Club. All of you made me the President. My being in front of you tonight both inspires and humbles me because no matter what talent I might have, energy that I might posses, I can only accomplish very little. But if I  am sustained as I continue to be sustained by all the members, officers, directors of this club specially to Charter president Pol Bautista and my President Alex Cayaba, past and present administration of the Cavite Economic Zone, the political figures and leaders of Cavite, I might accomplish a great deal, not only for myself but for the Rotary.


          I would like to take this opportunity to thank one guy who had sustained me through all the years, in my failures and my successes. He is always there. I would like to thank Cong. Renato P. Dragon who made me believe that that each time a man stands up for an ideal….Or strikes out against injustice; he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope…. Building a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression. Thank you very much, my boss, my friend, my brother.

I believe ladies and gentlemen, that God allowed those experiences to come in to our lives in order to teach us a lot of things and make us strong, strong to stand firm amidst changes. Personally, he taught me to persevere, to be hard working and most importantly to trust Him in all circumstances especially when things seem unbearable, unendurable and impossible…Always keep in mind that with God, nothing is impossible.


          For 12 years, we have faced many challenges and conquered each one. We have accepted each faults and made each one correct. We have suffered much pain but overcame all.


          And if again we face these obstacles, we will be equipped not with weapons but intelligence, nor armors but with faith, nor hatred but the seeds of love that we have sown.


          We will overcome these obstacles not with steel iron, silver or gold but with the fruits of the seeds of love that we have sown.


          Allow me to quote from Sen. Edward Kennedy, to those lives that Rotary has touched and those who sought to touch the Rotary,

“ Some men see things as they are and say why, let us all dream of things that never were and say why not.”

           Don’t question those that exist for they have been questioned; dream of something that were never conceived and sow the seeds of love and say why not.


          So ladies and gentlemen, with profound gratitude I thank the Rotary Club of CEPZ for being the instrument of God in building a strong foundation of this institution…. and also by sowing the seeds of love to everyone. To the past members and officers of the board, thank you for leading the way to success…to all my dearest friends and family for supporting our organization…finally, I once again thank God for making what we are today. I praise Him for His love and supervision on our organization.


          I would also like to recognize the excellent and exemplary characters of such individuals who had made their marks as the 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Export Processing Zone. These people made history within the grasp of their responsibilities at work and on other community services. The workers who worked hard to reach their aspirations…without them, there would be no such words as Companies, Incorporations, and other business establishments which need the power of labor.


          But, dear friends, we must also thank those Companies who hired these outstanding workers…for without them there will be no such thing as MOWoC or the Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ, and the Cavite Economic Zone might have been a failure, seventy thousand workers might be jobless …Dear workers and businessmen, keep up the good work, for we not only please our investors, nor other people, but we also please God.


          As I end this short message, I would like to share this short phrase, “if we have reached this success, why not reach for more victory? We must have faith in our selves that we can do it, but we must persevere, reach for our dreams, aim high, for the greater glory of Rotary, of our country and ultimately of our Lord God Almighty.” Let the gift of love sow deep in our hearts and let the world know that God is above all.


           Let me end this message by praying with me, "Lord, make me sow the truth, that things that I do will be fair to all concerned, make me sow goodwill and better friendship, that I will be beneficial to all concerned. O Divine Master, let me sow the seeds of Love, that I may serve above myself."


          Good Night and God Bless!!!