District 3810, Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite, Philippines

12th Induction & Turnover Ceremonies

September 5, 2003

Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park




  President Gabe Trias' Inaugural Speech


To District Governor Alex Huang, Loving Governor Rosie Go, Cavite Economic Zone Administrator Madam Digna Torres, Cavite Export Zone Investors Association President Nobuo Fujii, Mr. Claus Sudhof and to all other distinguished guests at the head table, Ladies & Gentlemen.

I couldn’t wait until tonight is over because I would like to feel another accomplishment our club has made. After every activity or project that we do is always a feeling that I wish will never fade out. This feeling I would have after tonight or has had after every successful project is something I could not express in words. I would see every individual that has taken part, their enthusiasm in every aspect of their role. I would feel that I am not alone in this world to make every minute of every project a memorable moment in my life. I could also see the struggle every person would have to go through but nevertheless a big smile on their faces.

Two months has gone by so quickly but with a radiance of distinction, achievements that added luster to our club – The Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone. We’ve awarded the Medal of Distinction to a respected citizen of the economic zone, Zone Administrator Madam Digna Torres. We’ve conducted the On-The-Spot Poster Making Contest where 12 year old Sarah Jane Castor of Rosario Elementary School emerged as the winner to represent our club to the District competition and on to the Rotary International’s Poster Making competition. Trees have been planted during the Tanim Puno Project and patients have been treated during the CEZ Administration’s Dental Mission. I salute the extraordinary efforts that our organizers have demonstrated especially our Rotaract Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone headed by their President Jesselyn Ambayec, the Interact Club of ILA Memorial School with their President Zsa-Zsa Zorilla and the Interact Club of Tejeros Convention with Jefferson Odviar as their President.

Today we're signing the Sisterclub Agreement with the Rotary Club of Deok Pyung of District 3600 from Korea led by their leader President Kim Hyung Jun. Their 5-day-stay with us definitely made us more than brothers and sisters but true-blooded Rotarians as one! We will be exchanging our ideas and accomplishments in cultural, social, educational and physical activities within our clubs. I would like to thank Mr. Sang Bok Lee for being with us all the time. Your courage and commitment to assist both our clubs deserve a more than well-round of applause but also a recognition that may not be paralleled for years to come.

And now to the future! We’ve started the Soup Kitchen which is used to fund the feeding program of the malnourished children of our community. For several years now, our club has conducted the search for the 10 Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone which we will be awarding monetary rewards at the MOWoC Awards in December of this year. We will be providing food and clothing to the street children of Rosario which has been our annual commitment to these less fortunate children of our community. We will have Medical/Dental Missions with other clubs to treat more patients as we have been treating hundreds of patients before. Some of our members have committed to become donors of the Paul Harris Fellows. We will be more active in District activities with the enthusiastic involvement of our Rotaractors and Interactors.

With all these in mind, I gladly take the position of the presidency of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone! But as we all know we do not get to such positions without the influence of certain important people in our lives. I would like to thank those who will be supporting and sacrificing with me in order for me to accomplish great things like this position so that I may do greater things. These are my family, mentors, leaders, officers and members before me. Today, I share this moment with you and my family. To my sister Arielle and her family, my cousin Freddie and his wife Arline, I am glad that you are all here to witness my induction. Last but definitely not the least, to the previous leaders of this club, I greatly appreciate your leadership for giving me the confidence and examples I can live by in running this club with such high visibility and potential to contribute not only to our district but also to the world. And these are:




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I have high goals and expectations for us to continue to "Lend a Hand". Suggestions are absolutely valued, welcomed and encouraged on how we can achieve them. I cannot do it alone and with the great minds and eagerness in this club and in our community, anything is possible. For this year, I know it will be another prosperous one through teamwork. Our achievement will have steadfast and beneficial results that will ring from our youth through the elders and on to the rest of the world.

Again, thank you for coming and most of all, thank you for your strong desire in making a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors for as far as we could reach.

Mabuhay ang Rotary Club of CEPZ! Mabuhay ang Rotary!

Thank you!