12th Induction
& Turnover Ceremonies
August 15, 2005
Aguinaldo Ballroom, Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park

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Raymundo Nagrampa
President, RY 2005-2006


Our Guest of Honor, DG EDGARDO ED E. TUMANGAN and his Ann TESS,  IDG JOEL GOLEZ TINITIGAN, the pride of RC ROSARIO and CAVITE,  PDG ALEX HUANG, DGN FRANCISCO “PACO” ATAYDE, IPP RONILO “NILO” NEPOMUCENO, SDG DANNY REBOYA, SDG MAENG MERCADO, DS JOSIE ANG, AG GABRIEL GABE TRIAS, my Ann GLORIA, fondly called GLO,  President  KIM WON SUNG of our sister club Rotary Club of W-Icheon,  President RALAN D. BESINIO of  the Rotary Club of Iriga, our  incoming sister club, My Administrator, the backbone of our Club, ATTY./ DANTE M. QUINDOZA, my fellow officers and members,  my classmates PRESIDENTS 101,  fellow Rotarians, friends of Rotary, ladies and gentlemen, good evening. 

There is a joke that if you  have an axe to grind against your neighbor, the subtle way to get back at him is to induce him to become a POLITICIAN! Thereafter,  laugh to your hearts content as you watch him lose his privacy overnight!  Laugh even  more  as you see his residence lined-up with solicitors, making his house no different than a  market!  Finally,  smile with satisfaction as you hear his wife complain to your wife that even the budget for marketing has been cut to accommodate a solicitor.  

I can attest to the result but not to the inducement.  I entered politics on my own free will. I was there for 12 years; later,  I joined the government service; and now, I am a private citizen and,  a ROTARIAN!  I am happy and proud to be one.   

In politics, you serve with an agenda.   You serve to get votes;  you serve further to get reelected or be elected to the next higher elective position. And in politics, you do not always say what you mean nor mean what you say! 

In government service, you also serve with an agenda.  You serve because you get paid.  You serve more to be promoted., and get a salary raise! 

But in Rotary, you serve  from the heart!  No  agenda.  Nothing but purely a desire to be of service to others, particularly those who needed it most.  I do not see any other SERVICE ABOVE SELF than serving without any agenda. This gives you a nice feeling! 

I am fortunate to have been in  all  three situations at 3 different times. 

And on the basis of these   experiences, I would like   to  refer to   my Presidency as a one (1) year contract of leadership service without an agenda.    It will be service for service sake! 

We will of course echo the R. I.  & DISTRICT Thrusts and Goals as they are indeed relevant to the needs of the community we serve – whether inside or outside of the zone. 

In fact, in keeping with the text message of our District Governor  ED   to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING, we started Day 1 of our official term with a JOB FAIR in the morning as our Vocational Service Project; Feeding Program in the afternoon as our Community Service Project and Fellowship in the evening among the members as our Club Service project.  Five (5) days before that however, we signed the Sisterclub Agreement with the ROTARY CLUB OF WEST ICHEON, KOREA during their INDUCTION & HANDOVER CEREMONIES on June 25, 2005. Thus, we were able to address the 4 avenues of service.  And we submitted our report to that effect. 

For the rest of the year, we will proceed with the implementation of our Plans and Programs  deliberated and approved during our Planning Workshop in Tagaytay. Specifically, 

A     -       CLUB SERVICE

 We will continue and sustain our traditional Club service Projects:   for our Fellowship, the monthly birthday fellowship, Bowling fellowship and Christmas party; increased circulation of our Club Bulletin, the EXPONENTS in order to upgrade the public imaging of our Club; Golf Fellowship, and the like; but this Rotary year we will vigorously embark on a membership retention program with the ballroom dancing and taebo fellowships already in place and other activities that will re-kindle interest among  existing members.  Of course, we will exert   efforts in recruitment and we are happy to inform DG Ed that out of our target of 3 new members, we will induct/ed __ new members.   Dir. Liza Lallana and Jackie Lontoc are dependable guys for this purpose.


 We were able to bag no less than the ZONE ADMINISTRATOR himself, Atty. Quindoza, as Director for Community Service. With him at the helm, our FEEDING PROGRAM for 40 weeks  period at the Bacao Elementary School is assured of sponsors  even if there are no birthday celebrant for the month. And with PE Amy Reyes Llave as Project-In-Charge, this program is assured of continuity. It is also becoming an activity for membership retention because the interest to feed the undernourished pupils is a universal effort.  Even our Korean guests e is ably su[ported by PE Amy as ProejctAnd were touched after we ask them to do the feeding themselves.  Nagbigay kaagad ng $500 as their share.  And it was at the instance of our Zone Administrator. Bilib talaga ako kay Zone Administrator!  And the Medical and Dental Mission which we just had last Saturday, August 13th at Tramo, Rosario, Cavite. At this juncture, allow me to extend our hearfelt thanks to Dr. Jojo Andaman for his support. Our Rotary Community   Corps in Dasmarinas is assured of continuous supply of cutting waste with the induction of new member Jojo Penus who is Division Chief  of the Zone Enterprise Assistance Division. We will  replicate this project near the zone. Our Club is cognizant of the fact that while the residents around the zone benefited economically out of the establishment of the Zone, they however also suffered from the negative   effects  of the zone:  pollution, traffic congestion, drug addition, etc. and we feel it our obligation as a zone based Club to share in the overall effort to alleviate their plight and condition. 

        In March, next year, we will do a simultaneous OPERATION TULE in the various elementary schools around the Zone.  We feel that this project has more impact and is  less complicated than a Dental Mission.  Normally a guy who would like to have a tooth pulled are old folks more likely with health problems. But a ten year old boy is almost always healthy and whenever he will meet you afterwards will appreciate our effort for delivering him from the ignominy of being unbaptized!  Circumcision is manhood attained!


 We will support the JOB FAIR, the TEN MOST OUTSTANDING WORKERS, WORKERS NIGHT and SEMINAR ON BRIDGING CULTURES.   It has been our experience that not all of the labor disputes inside the zone arise out of  money claims or unfair labor practice.  Some of them are due to culture difference.  We believe that educating the  expat investor  about  the Filipino culture of their workers will   make him understand better  how to deal with his workers. For example, a friendly tap on the nape of a worker is resentful to Filipinos.  On the other hand, if the Filipino workers are apprised of the culture of their foreigner boss, dispute in the workplace will be minimized.  This is government’s primary concern but the Club will jointly sponsor these seminars. We have a young and dynamic director for the avenue of service in the person of Arnold Cruz.


We will strengthen our Sisterclub relations with the ROTARY CLUB OF W-ICHEON, Korea.  Their return visit is a manifestation of the strong ties we have nurtured thru the years. Already SDG Maeng and AG Gabe are working on a Matching Grant.   


We will continue to support the projects and activities of our ROTARACT and INTERACT in accordance with our programs.  Our hosting the DITRICT ROTARACT ASSEMBLY was just a start. Director Norma Valeroso is willing to learn.

The other officers Marni, Ony and    Dong are simply dependable guys, including IPP Nilo who volunteered to be the Project in-Charge of Scholarship Projects.  Lorie, Dick and Cyril   may not be regularly attending meetings but when its crunch time, they are there to support in a unique way.  And,  of course my star studded Board Of Advisers, all PPs, SDG Maeng, AG Gabe, PP Jess, PP Boyet,  PP Alex, PP Nilo and Sr. Adviser Pol, as well as the very promising group of new members: Collector Sarreal, Jojo Penus, Bobby Castro, JV Javier, Stella Santor, Joel Lopez, Morris Handugan, Osmina Matias, Braulio Matias and Jaycene Matias, I feel confident of my team.

To emphasize on R.I.’s  literacy and education program, we will continue with our scholarship  project.  We will exert   effort to find more investors in the zone like that Korean who continuously donate to our scholarship program but  requested  to remain anonymous until now.  Only IPP Nepo, Zone Administrator Quindoza and a few others know he is.  He is an example of one who would like to serve without an agenda.  Can we give this anonymous Korean a big hand?

I think he is here! 

Also, our used computer donation program.  We will continue with that.  Many  friends inside the zone expressed willingness to donate their used but serviceable computers to our Club for distribution to the other elementary schools around the zone. After all, literacy for purposes of employment inside the Zone is equated with computer  literacy.

But the ROTARY CENTER is my flagship project. In fact, when PDG Rudy asked us during our PETS at Tagaytay about our  priority project,  I readily stood up and said that as far as RC CAVITE EPZ is concerned, it is the ROTARY CENTER.  I  feel that this center which should be home to the Club is long overdue.  Right now, we hop from venue to another.  We have no permanent home for our regular meeting and fellowship. We have never displayed publicly our trophies and plaques and medals for all the members to see and feel proud of. Consequently, we were never able to publicly show these proofs of our accomplishments to our  friends and guests for them to appreciate and be motivated to join us. As DGE Lynne said, we should work to upgrade public imaging.  Having a center of our own is definitely along that line. In fact, our retention and recruitment program will suffer if we do  not have  a permanent place to coordinate our Club activities.  The center is the meeting place where we can hung around outside of our regular meeting schedule.

Adjunct to the center will be a cultural library.  Our plan is to  request donation of books with English translations  from the different zone investors about their country and the culture of their people.  This will be open to the Filipino workers for them to read and learn and relate to the behavior of their foreigner manager.  This is in line with our Bridging the Culture Program.

In time, we will be dynamic in the implementation of our plans and programs. While as I said earlier, we will echo the RI & DISTRICT Goals & Thrusts,   we will however act and react on the basis of what our community needs most and fast.  We will keep our ears close to the ground.

Before I close, I would like to thank you all for coming. To Gov. Ed and his District Team, to the Rotary Club of West Icheon headed by its spiritual Leader, PP Sang Bok Lee and its incumbent President, Kim Won Sung, The Rotary Club of Iriga  headed by President Ralan D. Besinio. This Club cornered our eldest son Ryan as its new Member. It was thru him that this  Match Club Agreement was initiated.  As a father ROTARIAN, I know my son will never regret joining ROTARY. But on a more personal note, I would like to thank  him because I was able to find an ally in the family who will validate my going out often to attend ROTARY functions.  He is there, will you stand up, son!  Ilagay mo ang buhok nian dito, ako rin yan.!!  

And of course to my Anne GLO without whose support I will be hard put leading our Club. But on a special note, MY CLASSMATES 101 who despite my being a replacement PE and was a  latecomer among them, were unselfish in sharing their notes in order for me to catch up. 

To my members,  allow me to quote what PDG Frank quoted to us during our PETS at Tagaytay:  “Please walk with me- not in front,  I may not follow; neither behind, I may not lead.  But walk beside me, either to my left or to my right, doesn’t matter, I don’t play favorites anyway,  and together let us ALL  give meaning and substance to the Rotary motto and this year’s theme:  “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”. 


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