12th Induction
& Turnover Ceremonies
August 15, 2005
Aguinaldo Ballroom, Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park

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Ronilo Nepomuceno
President, RY 2004-2005


Now I know the easiest part of being a Rotary Club President that is giving the valedictory address then turning over the presidency to your successor. However, there was no regret serving as a Club President, in fact, it was indeed a great honor to serve as President during the Centennial Year of Rotary. With the theme Celebrate Rotary, Rotary service was not only self-fulfilling but likewise enjoyable.

 But since it was the Centennial Year of Rotary, the Rotary International and the District had set Centennial Challenges and District Goals which were very tough and enormous. Modesty aside, I believe RC CEPZ was able to respond well to these challenges as evidenced by its several accomplishments most especially the creation of an extension club and the $7,000 contribution to TRF, which I also believe were the firsts in the history of our club.

 In view thereof, I would like to thank first and foremost our God the Almighty for giving us the blessings and guidance in achieving our goals. Second, I extend my sincerest gratitude to our benefactors who provide us the much needed financial support in accomplishing the several projects we had last Rotary Year. Third, I would like to thank the RC CEPZ Centennial Team and members for their untiring support and invaluable contribution for the realization of our plans and programs for Rotary Year 2004-2005. You were truly my assets, whatever honor and recognition we had received, you were actually the ones who made it for me. And last but of course not the least, I would like to thank and also congratulate DG Joel Tinitigan for his inspiring leadership of District 3810 during the centennial celebration of Rotary. Thank you Gov. Joel for that very successful and wonderful year of Rotary.

 For the past 100 years, Rotarians had done their share in alleviating the needs of our less fortunate fellowmen; but 100 years may not seem to be enough, as long as there is poverty and hunger, Rotary service should continue and should never cease. So this year, we take the first step of our journey to Rotary’s second century of service. To District Team 101 led by DG Ed Tumangan and RC CEPZ Team 101 led by Pres. Ray Nagrampa, in behalf of the members of RC CEPZ, we wish you all the luck and we assure you of our 101% support as we exemplify this year’s theme and Rotary’s motto: Service Above Self.

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