President 101 Raymundo "Ray" T. Nagrampa
RY 2005-2006

On July 1, this year, I formally stepped down as your President on a very steep ladder. Fortunately, President Amy knows how to climb such ladder. Immediately, she adopted measures to avoid tripping on the said ladder. I guess the proverbial saying: “For the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world” is at work in our midst, particularly in our Club and in our District. In the news this morning is Gen. Tanigue, the first Lady General of the Philippine National Police. Always on top of the news these days are OFW evacuees, mostly women. Ang mga babae ngayon gusto nasa itaas na. Pasensya na kayo gentlemen, sumisipsip lang po ako sa bago nating Presidente, kasama na an gating bagong District Governor na kababayan ko.

We have been in this situation before, during the time of PP and now SDG Maeng Mercado. And we survived. The best evidence we did is your and my presence today, the 15th Induction & Handover Ceremonies of our club. And if we go by experience, President Amy will become an SDG or even higher in the District just like Maeng.

I guess that should be our attitude: looking positively forward to better times. It is here that as outgoing President, I will exhort everybody that we give President Amy our full support.

Incidentally, I visited Past President Nepo the other day. I was elated to find him in high spirits despite his condition. Every member of our Club should draw inspiration from Nepo’s never say die attitude, despite the odds.

Last year, I delivered a very long speech. It’s President Amy’s turn this year.

Today, my speech is as short as extending my heartfelt gratitude to all those who extended their support to my Presidency. In particular, I would like to thank my TEAM headed by then President-Elect Amy for the unqualified support, understanding, patience and guidance to a man who was thrust (I do not want to say PREMATURELY) to a position of responsibility in our Club.

At this juncture, I would like to tall on stage the following to receive a CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION.

President Amy, etc.

Again, thank you!