Introduction of Sharing President Marni Sy

By PP Gabe Trias


Good evening District Governor Paco, fellow Rotarians, Ladies and Gentlemen.


It is my privilege to introduce to you our President, Sharing President Marni Sy.


After I became the President of RC CEPZ during the governorship of Star Governor Alex Huang, one special and important task that I have committed myself is to work with the future presidents of RC CEPZ. To all the Presidents Iíve worked with, you very well know who was always beside me giving life and energy in keeping us one of the best in Cavite if not, in the whole District 3810. It started during my term in Rotary Year 2003-2004 where I appointed her to be my Public Relations Officer. I believe it was the first time that our club had given recognition to a Rotarian member the distinguished Four Avenues of Service Citation for providing full support covering the 4 Avenues of Service of Rotary International. From then on, we have collaborated to work and served with all the presidents after me. Until the day that all of us, the members of RC CEPZ, elected her to be the President of our club for Rotary Year 2007-2008.


One of the things that I would do every year is to give a hallmark or a symbol to remember the president that I work with. This year may not be a hallmark but a symbol more permanent that describes the commitment of every president in fulfilling their dream to help build a better future. Iíve selected a Water Tank used to provide water to the CEZ community. When consulted for her approval, she immediately proclaimed: ďKEEP THE WATER TANK FILLED AND SHARE IT TO THE COMMUNITY!Ē


Iíve seen her commitment and seriousness in one of our projects Ė RC CEPZís Soup Kitchen Feeding Program where she insisted to feed fewer recipients but manageable to realize the success of the program. She wanted to watch and feel the needs of the individual and hope to see a better and healthier child.


All of us commended her intentions so we all came to her side to witness a more appealing success of this program. It came from her heart and it was real! Thatís what touched me, her peers and those who have listened to her. What a wonderful spirit of service spreading throughout our communityÖ and thatís all because she chose to make a difference. And, its not all over yet!


To our Sharing President Marni, we salute you and be with you to do our SHARE.


Ladies & Gentlemen, to give her acceptance speech, hereís our Sharing President Marni Sy.