District 3810
Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite


Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park
June 21, 2003

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President-Elect Gabe Trias leads his team  during the planning session held last June 21st at Island Cove Resort & Leisure Park.


Directors of Avenues of Service

Club Service A

James Huang Jr,
Club Service B

Romy Bontigao
Vocational Service

Lorie Ibarreta
Community Service

Anne Bawalan
International Service

Masahiro Miyata
Youth Service

Jeck Quilapio

Summary of Club Plans & Objectives



James Huang, Jr.

  1. Have each member invite a new member to attain a net club growth of twelve (12) new members before the end of RY 2003-2004.

    1. Have achieved to invite and re-instate 14 old members who have not been active for more than a year.

    2. Currently have recruited 14 new prospective members from different companies inside the zone.

    3. Scheduled to invite members of the Cavite Export Zone Investors Association’s Human Resources Administration Group to join the club.

  2. Have each member give a copy of Philippine Rotary or The Rotarian to a professional colleague who is not a member of a Rotary Club.

  3. Organize fellowship activities for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and during fund raising activities of the club including Rotaract Club of CEPZ’s fund raising parties namely: SCREAM 3 – a Halloween Party and SPLASH 3 – a wet concert party for a cause.

    1. Scheduled a fellowship activity every month during a regular weekly meeting to celebrate birthdays of any member of the club.

  4. Organize bowling, billiards, golf, singing and dancing fellowships.

    1. Conduct an Invitational Bowling Tournament

  5. Organize a family weekend barbecue parties or picnics.

  6. Continue the Club Forum on Rotary Information during the weekly regular meetings.

  7. Encourage Rotary spouses’ participation in Club activities.

  8. Encourage 100% attendance in all district activities.

  9. Give recognition awards for deserving Rotarians.

  10. Encourage 100% attendance to DISCON 2004.

  11. Organize a Charter Anniversary Party on February 5, 2004.



Romy Bontigao

  1. Implement a project aimed at restoring and beautifying RC CEPZ’s Bahay Kubo sa Rotary Farm to serve as RC CEPZ’s Rotary Center inside Cavite Economic Zone.

    1. Conduct special activities at the Bahay Kubo to clean, renovate or beautify the surroundings.

  2. Assist in fund raising club activities to encourage and gain more sponsors in supporting the club’s projects.

  3. Maintain the club’s website:

  4. Open the club website to commercial advertisements for fund raising.

  5. Promote the club and its website with the use of posters and streamers.

  6. Utilize “tri-media” to promote Rotary Club’s image.

    1. Currently utilizing a radio station (89.5 – The Blaze) promoting the activities of the club.

    2. Have requested a local columnist/contributor to a local newspaper to promote the activities of the club.

  7. Publish a weekly club bulletin.

  8. Publish the 2003 Year Book to raise funds to finance the club’s projects.

  9. Conduct a fund-raising Bingo Social to fund the Pistahan sa CEZ project.

  10. Setup a Rotary Booth during CEZ Trade Fair to showcase the club’s achievements.



Anne Bawalan

  1. Organize a CEZ Linis project promoting Clean & Green program within the zone.

    1. Collect receptacles to be used as garbage containers around the zone.

    2. Maintain and beautify the Rotary “Umigpaw Ka” Walkway.

    3. Maintain and beautify the Rotary Park.

    4. Maintain the Rotary Signs.

  2. Conduct Medical/Dental Clinics that will benefit the workers and their families.

  3. Organize the Pistahan sa CEZ to benefit the workers and investors of the zone.

    1. A Bingo social to raise money to fund the festivities.

    2. A Santacruzan participated in by the workers and their relatives with foreign expatriates invited as their escorts.

    3. Awarding of the Best in Arc and Best in Gown of the Santacruzan.

    4. A coronation of the Reyna ng Pistahan with her court.

  4. Participate in the Goodbye Kitikiti and Goodbye Dengue campaign of the District.

    1. Put up streamers, distribute posters and flyers promoting the campaign against Kitikiti and Dengue.

    2. Request Barangay Poblacion for the use of their sprayer.

  5. Participate in the Vitamin A campaign of the District.

  6. Conduct a weekly feeding program at Tejeros Convention Elementary School.

    1. Setup a Soup Kitchen to fund the expenses of the Feeding Program.

  7. Initiate the Centennial Community Projects submitted to RI:

    1. Waiting Sheds for the workers of CEZ

    2. Day Care Center for parents working inside the zone.

  8. Conduct a tree-planting activity - Tanim Puno 2003.



Lorie Ibarreta

  1. Conduct a seminar on Personality Development and Business Etiquette.

  2. Coordinate Plant Visits with schools and companies inside the zone.

  3. Conduct a Career Guidance Seminar at ILA Memorial School.

  4. Donate computers and books to an adopted elementary school.

  5. Organize a Labor Management Forum with top/respected speakers for top management of companies inside and outside the zone.

  6. Organize a Sexual Harassment Seminar for members of CEZIA’s Human Resources Group.

  7. Award the 10 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ.

  8. Organize a Rotary Community Corps to benefit workers inside the zone.



Masahiro Miyata

  1. Participate in the Group Study Exchange Program.

  2. Apply for Matching Grants for Medical Projects.

  3. 2 Paul Harris Fellows:

    1. Past President Alex Cayaba

    2. President Gabe Trias

  4. 2 Sustaining Paul Harris Fellows:

    1. Gabe Trias

    2. Marni Sy

  5. Visit and forge a sister club in Japan.

  6. Renew sisterhood agreement with Rotary Club of Deok Pyong in Korea.

  7. Ground break the Rotary International Park in cooperation with foreign investors associations.

  8. Promote the website to foreign investors inside the zone for advertisements.

    1. Initiate the use of our website for advertisement with a minimal fee of P1,000 a year.

    2. Link these advertisements to their own company website for an additional fee.

  9. Participate in the Polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign.



Jeck Quilapio

  1. Organize a new Rotaract Club and an Interact Club:

    1. Rotaract Club of CEPZ West – composed of members not working at any company inside the zone. The existing Rotaract Club of CEPZ will be used for the workers inside the zone.

    2. Interact Club of CEPZ – composed mainly of students from any school and out-of-school youths around the community.

  2. Conduct a joint service project with the Interact Club of ILA Memorial School and the Rotaract Club of CEPZ (Medical/Dental Mission and International Trade Fair).

  3. Invite the presidents of Interact and Rotaract Clubs to Rotary Club meetings to report on their achievements and goals for the future.

  4. Attend meetings of the Interact and Rotaract Clubs.

  5. Sponsor at least 2 officers of each Interact and Rotaract Clubs to join RYLA.

  6. Sponsor at least 5 officers or each Interact and Rotaract Clubs to attend the New Generations Conference.

  7. Sponsor an oratorical contest and support the winners for the group and district level competitions.

  8. Conduct a Poster Making contest in selected schools and sponsor the winners in the district and international level competitions.

  9. Sponsor athletic activities for the youth in the community.

    1. Currently conducting the 2003 9-Balls Open Championship Series which will include a finals in December, 2003.

    2. Form a Rotaract Basketball Team that will compete in local leagues.

    3. Currently conducting a free tae-kwon-do clinic for out-of-school youths of the community. Scheduled to open for workers inside the zone for a one-month free clinic.

  10. Conduct the Annual Gift Giving (Reaching Out) program for street children.



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