Alay-Lakad Foundation, Inc. is a nationwide non-stock, non-profit organization, a consortium of various government agencies, civic organization and responsible individuals committed to the development of the Filipino youth, particularly the out-of-school youth.

The Foundation is known for its signature annual walk-for-a-cause project dubbed as the Alay-Lakad Para sa Kabataan Day in collaboration with various government, civic and business organizations. It started in 1972 when the Department of Social Welfare, now the Department of Social Welfare and Development conceived and initiated a walk-for-a-cause project in Metro Manila in cooperation with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the Philippines. It was launched nationwide in 1973 with already an expanded membership, which included the Ministry of Education and Culture (now the DepEd), Ministry of Local Govít & Community Development (now DILG), Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the National Media Production Center (now PIA) from the government sector. From the private sector were the Philippine Jaycees, Rotary International, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, the Young Womenís Christian Association (YWCA), the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) and the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC).

The annual Alay-Lakad was made as official national celebration through various presidential proclamations starting with former President Marcos until the time of President Ramos. It enjoins the public to support the youth sector, especially those who are in need of assistance primarily the out-of-school youth. It has twofold objective: 1) to raise public consciousness on the sad plight of the millions of Filipino youth who cannot stay in school and have no chance of getting educated in a country where education is a right as enshrined in the constitution and 2) to increase public support from all sectors to help in alleviating this problem Ė either by directly participating in the projects and programs of the Alay-Lakad Foundation or by contributing funds and other resources to finance its various projects for the OSYís.

In achieving its objectives, the Foundation always adheres to the proposition that the youth has the right to develop his/her full potentials and should be given the opportunity to enjoy the right. Alay-Lakad believes that the youth should grow in an enabling environment that provides for physical, social, economic, moral and spiritual development.

Alay-Lakadís fund-raising activities have already assisted a total of 592 projects with more that 46,000 out-of-school youth beneficiaries nationwide particularly in Metro Manila and the lahar-devastated areas of Pampanga and Zambales. Through Alay-Lakad, government and non-government organizations join hands to generate resources to enable the needy out-of-school youth engage in livelihood and other development projects including educational assistance, thus giving the youngsters opportunities to fully realize their potentials and become self-sufficient and responsible citizens. Indeed, the accomplishments of Alay-Lakad in the field of youth development are living proof of what the public and private sectors can achieve when working together for a common good.