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Acceptance Speech of President Gabe Trias


Good evening Madam Digna Torres, Mr. Nobuo Fujii, Mr. II Soo Bae, Mr. Jonathan Chen, Mr. Senen Vicente, Mr. Eduardo Masangcay, Mr. Mario Ponce de Leon, Mr. Jose Cabral IV, Mr. Aniano Matabuena, Jr., Mr. Hoo Woo Hwang, Mr. Marci Velando, Mr. Claus Sudhoff, Mr. Sam Suk Yong Yoon, Col. Emiliano Pestio Sr., fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, ladies and gentlemen.

Let me first introduce myself so that all of you would understand my purpose of being here with you. As you may already know, I do not have, in any way, a business involvement inside the zone. I live and work outside Cavite Economic Zone with a business that is incoherent with the products or services of any businesses inside CEZ. However, I believe we have the same purpose in mind if you are in the field of serving our community for the betterment and prosperity of its people. You may say that I do not belong inside the zone but I can say to you that the zone belongs to our community where I was born and lived most of my entire life.

The main reason Iím here in front of you is to invite you and join us in pursuing what every Rotarian would like to achieve. And that is to serve the community above ourselves.

Why Join Our Club?
Your own organizations may have the same goals as we have but far more concentric on assisting your members on their business concerns and issues. As you all may know, a founding principle of Rotary was to have a forum for professional and business leaders like you providing service at our community. You will experience the fulfillment that comes from giving back to the community. Fellowship was a primary reason why Rotary was started. Rotary helps to build the community as well as enduring friendships. Rotarians practice a 4-Way Test that measures words and actions by their truthfulness, fairness, goodwill, and benefit to all.

Your concerns combined with the ideals of Rotary will definitely put you to the edge ahead of everyone else. Because of these we ask for your cooperation and whatever assistance and support you can give us.

I believe that a mutual confederacy between Cavite Economic Zone Administration, Cavite Export Zone Investors Association, the Japanese Investors Association, the Korean Investors Association, the Chinese Investors Association, other associations including the Tricycle Drivers Association, the individual companies inside the zone and Rotary will definitely bear the best fruit that will benefit this community.

We give recognition to the 10 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ (the MOWoC Awards as we call it now) to acknowledge their individual achievements and service to their company. We hope that this year we will have more participants from other companies with your help and assistance to promote the importance of this momentous award. We also have the Pistahan sa CEZ as we celebrate the foundation of Cavite Economic Zone. You have witnessed the grandeur of Philippine culture in the Santacruzan and the crowning of Ms. Suzzette Fortu as Reyna ng Pistahan 2003. We may not have that much participation from other companies but nevertheless we have accomplished to provide especially our foreign investors a taste of becoming escorts to their beautiful Reina Elenas. Again, with everybodyís help we hope that the next Santacruzan will not only have 16 but 61 participants. We have scheduled 3 golf tournaments, bingo socials and other activities to raise funds to finance the projects we have in line for this year: a soup kitchen that will fund our weekly feeding program, anti-TB treatment program, free medical/dental clinics, a polio eradication campaign, building of waiting sheds at the Danam gate and Day Care Centers which are both Centennial projects that hopefully will be accomplished during my term.

The membership fee has been slashed by almost half to attract more qualified and quality members. From P5,000, the membership dues is now only P2,875 a year which can be paid by semester.

And to my fellow members, officers and directors of our club, I could not make a promise for a fruitful and successful year without your individual commitment and dedication to help me accomplish our plans in helping our community. And to our Zone Administrator, your never ending support and commitment to be with us in all our endeavours exemplifies a distinct honor in the field of community service. In behalf of all the members and officers of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone, may I request our Zone Administrator, Madam Digna Torres to accept this Medal of Distinction.

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask again every one of you to be with us, the Rotary Club of CEPZ, in our pursuit to Lend A Hand to make this community a better world to live in. I hope that this inaugural meeting will not be the last for us to realize how important it is to work together for a successful mutual interest in providing service to humankind.

Thank you.

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