Christmas Party 2004
December 7, 2004
CEZIA Clubhouse, Cavite Economic Zone


Introduction of Rotarians and guests by
Community Service Director Amy Llave.

Welcome remarks by President Nilo Nepomuceno.

A snap election was conducted to elect the President-Nominee
who will serve as president for RY 2006-2007.

Zone Administrator & Rtn. Dante Quindoza declining the
nomination due to his commitments as the Zone Administrator
of Cavite Economic Zone. President Nilo Nepomuceno declared
a status quo pending on a deliberation by the officers and members.
ZA Dante Quindoza received 22 votes against Director Amy Llave's 2 votes.

Two groups formed where a player of each group acts out
in pantomime a song or a movie for the other members of
each team to guess.

A race to pass a kalamansi through one's shirt and pants.

A special dance presentation by members of
Interact Club of ILA Memorial School.

Trip to Jerusalem
Girls compete to stick their finger in a plastic bottle
held between the thighs of the men.

A skit presentation by members of Rotaract Club of CEPZ.

Ladies remove the stickers on the men's shirt
and pants with the use of only their lips of teeth.


Rtn. Annie Furukawa & RAC CEPZ member Von Abrigo
Body Shot Award

Rtn. Connie Gonzaga & RAC CEPZ member Olie Gaudiel
Face of the Night

AG Maeng Mercado & Rtn. Liza Lallana
King & Queen of the Night

Interact Club of ILA Memorial School
Best Presentation

A live band performance by RAC CEPZ members.

A solo singing performance by President Nilo.

A great duet performance by Rtn. Annie Furukawa
and President Nilo Nepomuceno.

A solo by IPP Gabe Trias.