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The Cover

In botanical terms, a “leader” is the central or dominant stem of a plant. President Amy Llave symbolizes that stem to “Lead The Way” in providing service to the community and help build a better future.

We are proud to announce the publication of our official Souvenir Book for Rotary Year 2006-2007 in the occasion of the 15th year of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone. The yearbook showcases the new set of officers for RY 2006-2007 and the club’s most meaningful exploits and achievements for the past rotary years. We are truly honored to share with you the success of our mission and the nobility of our vocation.

In keeping with our vocation to be of service to the community and our mission to “Lead The Way”, we thank you for being our partners in publishing this remarkable souvenir. Through this, the public will have a glimpse of the selfless prime movers behind every community, vocational, and club service projects completed by our club in the past years including the plans and projects of our club in the next rotary year.


Bureau of Customs
Eastward Trading
88 Araneta Trading
Batnag Trading & Nagrampa Law Office
Clinica Dermatologica Aestetica
Einstein Auto Supply & Motor Shop
Freight Management
Jabar Marketing
Lots' A Pizza & 785 Gen. Mdse.
Old Admin Tenants Association, Inc.
RG Fish Broker
Salinas Plaza Construction Supplies
Servando's Restaurant
Tanza Family General Hospital
The Village Commercial Center
Abacast Travel
Bankers Club of Rosario Cavite
Cupino's Money Exchange
Gonzalez Junk Shop
Jeno's Catering Services
Mang Eddie Fish Broker
Morning Shine Restaurant
Mother Estee Ade Fish Broker (AYA)
Raven Shoe Repair Shop
RR Fish Broker
JOTIX Car Shop
Marisol Glass & Aluminum Works
MVD Trading
New Tanza Hardware & Gen. Mdse. Inc.
R & R Maigue
Topyield Hardware & Gen. Merchandise
V.A.G. General Merchandise

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