June 6, 2003
(Originally scheduled on May 31, 2003 was re-scheduled to June 6, 2003 due to bad weather condition.)

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President Chino Rivas delivering his opening remarks.


The Board of Judges
Mr. Jojo Barron (owner of Comikos Bar & Restaurant in Cavite City)
Ms. Peanut Gonzales (owner of Greenfield Flower House & Catering Services)

Mr. Dino Chua (owner of Padi's Point in Cavite City)
Mr. Obet J. Yap (Producer/Director of Mutya ng Cavite)

Rotary Club of CEPZ Past Presidnet Ramir Lallana

Ms. Pamela Pasco (Owner of Hair Couture in Rosario, Cavite)
Ms. Mico Galo.(Representative of Century Park Hotel in Makati)


An inspirational message from Zone Administrator Digna Torres.


Another inspirational message from
Cavite Export Zone Investors Association
President Nobuo Fujii.


An intermission number from 'D Original Dance 2000.


San Technology, Inc.

Winner of Best Arc Competition

Receiving the award is Ms.Rowena Alcantara of San Technology, Inc.
Presenting the award are Mr. Jojo Barron and CEZIA President Nobuo Fujii.


The Finalists in the Best in Gown Competition


Ms. Analyn Astorga & Ms. Terry Atabay
Dyna Image Corp.

Ms. Rowena Alcantara
San Technology, Inc.

Ms. Ma. Rosario Santos
American Power Conversion

Ms. Mary Ann Gregorio
Nihon Garter Philippines, Inc.

Ms. Anna Marie Ballesteros Jereza
Eagle Express Lines, Inc.

Ms. Zussete Fortu
J-Film Philippines, Inc.



An intermission number by Absolute Boys Dancers.


Best in Gown

Ms. Zussete Fortu
J-Film Philippines, Inc.


Mayor Renato Abutan of Rosario, Cavite
delivering his speech as Guest Speaker.


Another intermission number by 'D Original 2000 Dancers.


The Finalists of Reyna ng Pistahan 2003.


Another dance number from the Absolute Boys Dancers.


Ms. Anna Katrina Bayona

Mutya ng Cavite 2003


The presentation of the Mutya ng Cavite 2003 winners.


The audience during the Reyna ng Pistahan awards.


Ms. Christine Lune

Reyna ng Pistahan 2002


Grand Marshall Annie Furukawa and Club Service Director
Romy Bontigao presenting the winners of the
Reyna ng Pistahan 2003.


Ms. Anna Marie Ballesteros Jereza
Dukesa ng Pistahan 2003
(2nd Runner-Up)


Ms. Rowena Alcantara
Prinsesa ng Pistahan 2003

(1st Runner-Up)


Ms. Zussete Fortu
Reyna ng Pistahan 2003



Century Park Hotel represented by Ms. Mico Galo

Hon. Munding del Rosario - Mayor of Tanza, Cavite

Hon. Renato Abutan - Mayor of Rosario, Cavite

Jordache Philippines thru their President Mr. Tony Caballero

Hayakawa Philippines thru their General Manager and also a CEZIA Director Mr. Mario Ponce de Leon

Coca-Cola Philippines

Cavite Board Member Strike Revilla

Miyatec Machineries and Industrial Services thru their General Manager Mr. Masahiro Miyata

Clarion Philippines thru their Administrative Manager and also a CEZIA Director Mr. Jose Cabral IV

Mr. Obet J. Yap

Comikos Restaurant - thru the owner Mr. Jojo Barron

Padi's Point - Cavite - thru the owner Mr. Dino Chua

Hair Couture - thru the owner Ms. Pamela Pasco

The Village Commercial Center, Rosario, Cavite

Danger Zone at The Village Commercial Center

PP Ismael "Maeng" Mercado

Pres. Chino Rivas

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