A CEZ Silver Anniversary Celebration

in cooperation with

CEZ Administration and Cavite Export Zone Investors Association


May 26, 2006 (Friday)  ¨  Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite A CEZ Silver Anniversary Celebration

A fiesta extravaganza as a way of bridging cultural ties.

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Reyna ng Pistahan

  1. The qualifications of the nominees are:

a.       Must be an employee of a PEZA registered zone enterprise located at CEZ.

b.      Must have worked with her company for at least six (6) months.

c.       Must be at least 18-25 years old.

d.      Must be of good moral standing.

e.       Must be endorsed by their company’s HR/Personnel/Administration Manager.

2.      All companies must submit their entry forms with a passport size colored picture of their nominees on or before May 23, 2006 5:00 P.M.

3.      The Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone reserves the right to publish names, addresses and photographs of the winners, and the companies they represent.

4.      The decision of the Board of Judges on all matters relating to the contest shall be final, unappealable and incontestable.

5.      An auditor shall be assigned to tabulate the results. The auditor must not be a member of any company located at CEZ.

Best in Gown

  1. Open, any gown may qualify.
  2. All participants in the Santacruzan automatically qualify in the Best in Gown competition.

 Best Arc

  1. Open; any arc design may qualify.
  2. The arc does not necessarily have to be that of a candidate for the Reyna ng Pistahan.
  3. All registered arcs to be used in the Santacruzan automatically qualify in the Best Arc competition.


1.      Companies operational for at least one (1) year must nominate their candidates according to the qualifications set forth in the rules and guidelines.

2.      Company officials directly involved in personnel or human resource management must fill-up the registration form. Forms are available at the website: http://rccepz.org/pistahan. You can also forward your queries to the Secretariat at tel. nos. (046) 884-0997; or by sending an email to: info@rccepz.org.

3.      Relatives of employees or employees of CEZ companies who wish to join the Santacruzan are all welcome.

4.      Please note at the space provided below the Santacruzan registration form if your representative is your nominee for the Reyna ng Pistahan.

5.      Scoring and Awards:

a.       Reyna ng Pistahan

Beauty              - 60%
Personality        - 20%
Poise                - 20%

Reyna ng Pistahan                               - P   5,000.00 plus crown and sash
Prinsesa ng Pistahan (1st runner-up)    - P   3,000.00 plus sash
Dukesa ng Pistahan (2nd runner-up)    - P   2,000.00 plus sash

b.      Best Arc

Originality                     - 60%
Over-all Impact            - 20%
Workmanship               - 20%

Best Arc                       - P 5,000.00

c.       Best in Gown

Poise                - 50% (how she caries herself in the gown/grace)
Style of Gown  - 30% (impact and beauty of the gown)
Elegance           - 20% (compatibility of the gown to wearer)

Best in Gown    - P 3,000.00 plus trophy and sash 


  1. The participating company shall submit its entry not later than May 23, 2006 5:00 P.M..
  2. Assignment of their positions during the parade will be by raffle and shall be announced on May 26, 2005.
  3. The participants, including their escorts and arc shall congregate at the Bacao gate and the parade shall start at the Rotary Park (Iriso) on May 26 at exactly 6:00 P.M.
  4. Each participant shall be pinned with their designated numbers which shall correspond to their position during the parade.
  5. The head of the parade shall be the band, followed by the participating investor associations (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese), wearing their native costumes.
  6. The route of the parade shall be from the Rotary Park to the CEZ Sports Complex using the Main Street.
  7. The parade shall end at the CEZ Sports Complex. The main program announcing the winners of the Santacruzan and the coronation of the Reyna ng Pistahan starts at 7:00 P.M. sharp.
  8. During the program, the participants shall introduce themselves to the judges and audience.

Judging System:

  1. Seven (7) judges will be invited by the Rotary Club of CEPZ to judge the Reyna ng Pistahan.  Each judge shall be given a number.
  2. The judges for the Best Arc will be strategically located along the route of the parade.  Each judge shall be provided a scoring tally.
  3. The scoring tally contains the number of the participant only and identifies if the escort is a foreign expatriate (based on submitted participating forms).
  4. The scoring tally shall be submitted to a committee member by the judge, and submitted to the accounting firm/accountant invited.  The accountants shall be provided a judges’ tally sheet.
  5. The accounting firm/accountants shall tally all the scores. If there is a tie for 1st place, there will be no 2nd place. Two Reyna ng Pistahan will be crowned.  The prizes for the Reyna Pistahan & the 1st runner-up will be combined and divided equally for both winners. If a tie ensues for the 1st runner-up, there will be no 2nd runner-up.  Prizes for the 1st and 2nd runner-ups will be combined and divided equally for both winners.

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