A CEZ Silver Anniversary Celebration

in cooperation with

CEZ Administration and Cavite Export Zone Investors Association


May 26, 2006 (Friday)  ¨  Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite A CEZ Silver Anniversary Celebration

A fiesta extravaganza as a way of bridging cultural ties.

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The Pistahan sa CEZ started in Rotary Year 2001-2002 to commemorate the anniversary of the Cavite Export Processing Zone on May 30th. Our workers and foreign nationals will again have the opportunity to bond and experience the rich cultural heritage of the Filipino people, which was passed on to us during the Spanish period.

On May 26th, a Santacruzan will again be the grand procession of colorful and well lighted arcs with participation of male foreign nationals as consorts of their beautiful Reyna Elenas. Prizes will be awarded to the best arc and best pair. To participate, fill up the Entry Form and indicate if you want to participate also in the Reyna ng Pistahan.

The coronation of the Reyna ng Pistahan culminates the festivities after the Santacruzan. Awards will be given to Dukesa ng Pistahan, Prinsesa ng Pistahan and Reyna ng Pistahan. Special awards will also be given to the best arc, best in gown and best pair.


1.      To provide our foreign expatriates working in the zone enterprises, and Filipino workers to experience Filipino culture and heritage.

2.      To bridge the cultural ties among participating foreign nationals and Filipino workers.

3.      To show our rich cultural heritage before our foreign expatriates.


1.   Organizing Committee- The Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), the Cavite Economic Zone Administration and the Cavite Export Zone Investors Association. The CEZ Administration and CEZ Investors Association shall appoint their respective representatives in the organizing committee.  The representatives chosen shall act as co-chairmen of the festivities.

2.      The Rotary Club of CEPZ, as the initiator of the project shall be the coordinator, and shall monitor the progress of the activities.  RC CEPZ shall solicit sponsors for the bannerettes, posters, streamers and prizes for the contests.

3.      The Cavite Economic Zone Administration shall be responsible for the over-all site preparation, which includes assembly of stage and rental or arrangement for sound system.

4.      The Cavite Export Zone Investors Association shall be in charge of drumming up participation of zone enterprises.


1.   The RC CEPZ Grand Marshal or Project Director for Pistahan sa CEZ shall present to the CEZ Administrator and CEZIA President during an appointed meeting, this project proposal for approval.

2After the approval of the project, the 3 co-chairmen shall be appointed, and committees created for the festivities’ implementation:

a.       program, including invitations for dignitaries and guest speakers;

b.      food and drinks;

c.       ways and means, including solicitation for sponsors and prizes;

d.      site preparation, decorations and arrangement for sound system; solicitation for prizes;

e.        Santacruzan participation of zone enterprises and procession;

f.       contest proper for best arc, best gown, best pair and coronation of the Dukesa ng Pistahan, Prinsesa ng Pistahan and Reyna ng Pistahan.

3.      The Pistahan sa CEZ Santacruzan shall be held on May 26, 2006, Friday at 6:00 P.M., to coincide with the celebration of the CEZ Foundation Anniversary.

4.      Invitations and forms shall be forwarded to zone enterprises, through their personnel managers by the CEZIA-HRAG.  Zone enterprises shall choose their most beautiful female employee, who shall vie for the crown of  Reyna ng Pistahan.  A full length picture and a 2” x 2” I. D. picture shall be attached to the form.  Deadline for submission of participants is on May 23, 2006 at 5:00 P.M.

5.      5 to 7 judges shall be invited to choose the winners on May 23, 2006 at 7:00 P.M.  Participants shall grace the judging, based on their beauty (60%), personality (20%) and poise (20%).  The rules and criteria shall be prepared by the responsible committee.  Prizes, crowns and certificates shall be awarded to the participants and winners (Reyna ng Pistahan, Prinsesa ng Pistahan & Dukesa ng Pistahan) on May 26, 2005.

6.      For the best arc and participation, 3 judges shall be invited to choose the best arc during the procession on May 26, 2005.  Criteria shall be based on the originality (60%), design impact (20%) and workmanship (20%). Rules shall be prepared by the committee responsible for the contests.

7.      RC CEPZ, responsible for the sponsors, shall solicit bannerettes, which shall be hanged and decorated along the Main Avenue from the Bacao gate to the CEZ Sports Complex.  This will give the zone a festive atmosphere during the events.

8.  For the site preparation of the coronation night, this includes the stage, sound system, tables and chairs, communication equipment, and lighting. The CEZ Administration shall choose which location is appropriate, CEZ Sports Complex or the football field.

9.      The committee in charge of the procession shall determine the route of the procession, which may not be limited only to the Main Avenue.  The committee shall also hire a band, which shall lead the parade.

10.  The program after the procession includes folk dancing during the intermission at the coronation night.  Foremost in the program is the message of the CEZ Administrator.

11.  RC CEPZ shall solicit for sponsors for free food and drinks, or booths for food vending.  A separate banquet shall be prepared for participants, guests and committee members.

Budget Requirements

Food and Drinks



Decorations on stage & arcs



Sound System



Prizes for Santacruzan & Reyna ng Pistahan.



Best Arc



Best in Gown



Best Pair



Dukesa ng Pistahan



Prinsesa ng Pistahan



Reyna ng Pistahan






Information materials and streamers



Parade band and entertainment






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