January 26, 2007
Philippine General Hospital

January 26, 2007, Philippine General Hospital - Leader President Amy Reyes-Llave attended the unveiling of the marker with Gov Lynne Abanilla and other Leader Presidents gracing the occasion in support of Gov Lynne Abanilla's call for the Leader Presidents to support the Brace and Prosthetics Center located at Philippine General Hospital. RC CEPZ donated P10,000.00 in support of this project.

The center is now accepting referrals. Patients must fill up the referral form and follow the procedures below.

Hereunder are the procedures to facilitate amputee referrals from Rotary International District 3810:

  1. The evaluation of amputees is only done once a week on Wednesdays from 8-10 am at the PGH Rehab Out-Patient Clinic.

  2. They need to go to the PGH Out Patient Clinic before 7:30 a.m. on a Wednesday to get a blue card (it cost P10.00) so they can be considered a PGH patient. For them to avail of the Jaipur limb or the PFP limb they need to be a PGH patient.

  3. Once they have the blue card, they will proceed to the rehab area where they will be evaluated by Dr Penny Bundoc.

  4. Once they have assessed, they will be ready for prosthesis measurement, schedule will be given. They need to bring 2 rolls of Plaster of Paris for measurement. They can be measured on the same day if the number of patients scheduled on the day is not yet filled up.

  5. Once they are scheduled for measurement they will go to Spine Building 2nd floor prosthetic shop.

  6. Once they are measured, they await instructions as to when they can pick up their finished prosthesis, usually after 4-6 weeks.


Brief History

The Physicians for Peace for which DG Lyne Abanilla serves as Vice-President, embarked on a project for legless and armless Filipinos by donating state-of-the art prosthetics equipment and gadgets as well as by funding and facilitating the U.S. training of the prosthetics technicians at the Philippine General Hospital.

Leader Presidents visiting the Prosthetics Center in PGH.
September 12, 2006

On September 12, 2006, DG Lyne Abanilla formally asked the support of the Leader Presidents to fix and furnish the Prosthetics Center at the second floor and the inpatient room at the ground floor so that the center could start to efficiently serve for free the financially handicapped amputees in need of artificial limbs.