September 10, 2002

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To improve the livelihood of our workers inside Cavite Economic Zone, the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone is dedicated to assist qualified employees in purchasing their own bicycle as their means of transportation. This program will give the workers savings from 500 pesos a month totaling to more than thousands of pesosevery year . This program also helps them physically. They also preserve the environment by not using fuel to transport them from their house to their workplace. Bicycle does not create traffic at all and they beat the traffic at all times. 

In cooperation with the management of KOSIPHIL Int'l, Inc., qualified employees are given a chance to own their own means of transportation with the help of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone. The Rotary Club of CEPZ arranged with the management of this company to purchase the bicycles for their employees. RC CEPZ will manage the payments of these bicycles through an agent from their company. RC CEPZ will then return the full amount paid by the employees back to the company.

The bicycles were marked up by approximately 10% for the agent and another 10% for RC CEPZ. The agent's commission will assist them in the process and giving them an incentive to recruit more applicants to join the program. The 10% allocated for RC CEPZ will be used to fund other projects related to the use of their bicycles including painting of the road for a bicycle lane, construction of a bicycle park, etc.

IPP Ismael "Maeng" Mercado tries out one of the 30 bicycles loaned to the workers.

Elated workers selecting the model of their choice.

President Chino Rivas congratulating the workers and giving some instructions and rules on how to use the bicycles.

RC CEPZ President-Elect Gabriel "Gabe" Trias, Jr., Community Service Director Anne Bawalan and Secretary Babes Grepo pose before the workers with their new bicycles.

Cavite Economic Zone Chief of Police (center) was also invited to witness the turnover of the bicycles to the workers.

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