September 10, 2002

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Any qualified employee will be required to follow the process before availing this program. Each applicant will have to fill up form #0001 specific to the company where the applicant is working. The applicant will have to get the signatures of all required approving individuals: 

1.        Company Endorser – working for the company preferably a member of the Rotary Club of CEPZ

2.        Agent Coordinator – (selected by the Company Endorser) selects the necessary company officials who will sign and approve the application.

3.        Supervisor – the immediate supervisor of the applicant.

4.        Human Resources – any member of the Human Resources Department or equivalent department that has access to the applicant’s company records verifying their qualifications or ability to pay.


Form #0001 is a contract agreement between the applicant and the Rotary Club of CEPZ to commit the individual to pay the full amount of the bicycle in installment basis based on the terms they applied for. If in case the applicant is laid off or terminated from work, the agreement allows the company to deduct the remaining balance from their 13th month pay. The company may impose other requirements within their control to assure applicant’s ability to commit to the agreement. Form #001 must be filled up in 3 copies to be distributed to the following: 

1.        Agent Coordinator

2.        Human Resources Official

3.        Rotary Club of CEPZ program Chairman


The Agent Coordinator will select the models and number of bicycles from a brochure supplied by the Rotary Club of CEPZ. The company will pay the total amount of the bicycles to the Rotary Club of CEPZ who will purchase the bicycles from a selected authorized dealer. Rotary Club of CEPZ will then return that same amount back to the company at a scheduled date as agreed upon between RC CEPZ and the company. 

The Agent Coordinator will submit the schedule of payments of every applicant to the Rotary Club of CEPZ program Chairman or in-charge of the collection. The scheduled payments will be collected by the Agent Coordinator and delivered to the RC CEPZ program Chairman or in-charge of collection for recording and validation. All collections shall be deposited by the program Chairman or in-charge of Collection to the account of the Rotary Club of CEPZ at Metrobank – Rosario Branch. 


An additional Four Hundred Pesos (P 400) will be marked up to the purchase price of the bicycle. Two Hundred Pesos (P 200) will be given to the Agent Coordinator as compensation for assisting in the process of procuring the bicycle for the applicant. This will help the Agent recruit more applicants and gain more funds for the club. The other Two Hundred Pesos (P 200) will be used by the Rotary Club of CEPZ to finance other projects that will benefit the workers availing this program. These projects include road painting inside CEZ for a bicycle lane, construction of bicycle parks, etc.

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