May 7, 2008, Rosario National High School - RCC RNHS PTCA President Rodolfo Abadilla and RCC Representative Eduarda Zapanta met with Sharing President Marni Sy and PP Gabe Trias to discuss with the members regarding the sale of water at a very low price to cover part of the expenses of the Potable Water Project. Sharing President Marni repeatedly instructed the members of the RCC that the water should not be sold to the students of the school and to keep the sale from within control of the group to prevent conflicts with other businesses with water filtration. The group has agreed that the selling of the water shall be from within the members of RCC and the families of the students of Rosario National High School. The RCC RNHS PTCA also presented the first report to Sharing President Marni Sy on the consumption of the school in general.