RY 1999-2000

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International Service Menu of Activities

  • Develop a new project and cause registration/listing of the same under the World Community Services (WCS) of Rotary International.
  • Promote/encourage inter-country relations/exchanges by offering homestays to visiting Rotarians from overseas, outside of the GSE and ROTEX programs.
  • Establish a new sister club relationship with any Rotary Club, worldwide.
  • Have one or more members of your club register and participate in any International Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships, i.e. yachting, radio communications, etc. community in general.

wheel.gif (13997 bytes) Sister Club Agreement with a Rotary Club in Japan

Date : Re-scheduled in June or early July, 2000
Venue : Nagoya, Tokyo, Japan

Formalization talks regarding sister club agreement with District 2770's District Governor Tanaka by International Service Director Masahiro Miyata.

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District 3810
Cavite Economic Zone
Rosario, Cavite, Philippines


Rotary Club of Pasay Plant Visit
Rotary Club of Pasay Plant Visit
April 26, 2000

Website/Internet Address Registration

Date : April 26, 2000
Venue : Rotary International World Wide Web

The 11th club in the Philippines to register at Rotary International's database of websites.

Purpose : Link to international clubs and the Internet world in providing information about the club's programs and activities.

InvestorsDay.jpg (38392 bytes)
CEZ Administrator and fellow Rotarian Atty. Ray Nagrampa with a guest during the Investors Day at Puerto Azul and Country Club in Ternate, Cavite.
Investors Day

Date : October 24, 1999
Venue : Puerto Azul Golf and Country Club, Ternate, Cavite

A fellowship catering to Investors of different nationalities located inside Cavite Economic Zone thru the First Zone Administrator's Cup Golf Tournament otherwise known as 3rd RC CEPZ Invitational Golf Tournament.

Purpose : To build goodwill and better friendship between Rotarians and Cavite Economic Zone locators and different nationalities.

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